Spiritual but not Religious? Spiritual but not Religions

Authentic spiritual growth is possible without religion.

I help those who are religious, and those who are spiritual but not religious, embrace a rational, non-religious path to spiritual growth and growth in consciousness, so they can transform themselves, the life they are living, and the world they live in.

Authentic spiritual growth, and growth in consciousness, happens when we know our mind and how it works.

We use our minds to create our lives and our world. It makes sense the more we know about the childhood conditioning of our mind and how we think, the greater the choice we have in how we use it! We cannot change what we do not understand about ourselves.

Spiritual transformation and authentic spiritual growth happen when we have the courage to take action. When we learn to change how we think. When we:

  • learn to become self-aware of our childhood beliefs and conditioning,
  • have learned to empty our primitive ego of its need to be “right”,
  • have learned to drop primitive ego “us vs. them” thinking,
  • have learned to embrace a more evolved non-dual, both/and consciousness.

The spiritual journey from the unconscious narcissism of our primitive ego, to an enlightened, awakened consciousness that adds value to the lives of others, is how we increase meaning and purpose in our lives.

This site is designed to help you grow and evolve into a more conscious person. If you have questions or comments, we encourage you to contact Dick Rauscher.