What Is Happiness? Why Is It So Elusive? (#272)

  The office phone rings. It’s a potential new life coaching client calling for information. After answering the caller’s questions I ask the caller “why are you interested in Life Coaching?  What would you like to achieve? What goals would you like to work on?” A common response usually sounds something like this… “I’m tired […]

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41392721 - group of friends enjoying meal at home together

The Power Of Rigidly Held Beliefs To Harm Relationships

The evening started out fine. The home cooked meal was wonderful. The other guests were strangers; but pleasant and interesting company. The wine was excellent and flowing freely. The conversations taking place around the table were warm and friendly. It was a wonderful evening sharing stories together as we all unconsciously explored the possibility of […]

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election list

Anxiety or Hope: My Thoughts on the 2016 Election Results

Good Morning… I’ve received many emails in the last 24 hours regarding the 2016 election results. Here are some of my thoughts… I too was disappointed that Hillary didn’t win the election. On the positive side, like every new President coming into office, Trump will not be able to follow through on many of the […]

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