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Spiritual Transformation, Authentic Spiritual Growth, And Happiness Spring From The Root Of Self-Awareness

© Dick Rauscher, 2011 A friend was walking past Nasrudin’s house one night and happened to see Nasrudin on his hand and knees looking frantically in the dirt under the street light in his front yard. The friend asked Nasrudin what he was doing. Nasrudin said he was looking for the keys to his house. […]

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If You Want To Be Happy “Keep It Simple”

© Dick Rauscher, 2011 In a recent poll, third graders were asked “what do you think would make our world a nicer, more peaceful, more friendly, and happier place to live?” Their third grade responses varied depending on the size of their world view. Have more vacations. Make war illegal. Have less homework. Assigned seats […]

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Our Grandparents Seemed To Be Happier Than We Are

At times, when we stop growing, our inner light begins to dim and needs to be re-kindled by a new vision or a new idea. When we stop growing we rapidly run out of purpose and passion for life. When we stop growing we will soon find ourselves depressed and unhappy. © Dick Rauscher, 2011 […]

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Awakening From Our Primitive Ego To An Authentic Self – “Just Do It”

© Dick Rauscher, 2011 The skills required to achieve happiness and success are very similar. Both require self-growth. As a mental health counselor, life coach, and amateur entrepreneur I have always been interested in the subjects of self-growth, happiness, and success. The skills required to achieve happiness are the same skills needed to achieve success. […]

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Taking Care of Yourself When Others Need You

A Reader asked: “I am always helping and being there for others_using my energy for them and having none left for myself, how do I regain courage to do what I want or need to do_for me? I want to help, but sometimes I need a break.   Dear Reader: Great question. Caretaking others can […]

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Are We A Civilized Nation or Not?

© Dick Rauscher, 2011 There is a great deal of conversation in the press these days about the lack of civility in Washington. Politicians on both sides of the isle, especially the conservatives in each party, seem to have lost their ability to be civil and respectful. The civilized concepts of respect, kindness, and civility […]

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