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The Spiritual Power Of A Sincere “Wow!” To Create Happiness

© Dick Rauscher, 2011 There are many articles in the public press about the importance of offering a smile to others when we interact with them. It brings to mind a Nasrudin story that I like. The King was aware that many people in his kingdom were not happy with him. So he asked Nasrudin […]

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The Power Of The Primitive Ego To Take The Air Out Of A Patriotic “WOW”

I was reminded last week of the power of our individual and collective primitive ego to take the air out of a life-giving, badly needed patriotic “wow” for our country. Our nation is in trouble. Our national debt is clearly out of control. Our elected officials in Washington are hopelessly gridlocked in their struggle to […]

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Did You Know Your Unconditional Love Bucket is Riddled with Holes?

© Dick Rauscher 2011 Did you know the reason most of us have difficulty achieving happiness, is because the bucket that we use to carry around the unconditional love we receive from the world, is riddled with holes? If we want to be happy, have happy children, and happy relationships, it is very important that […]

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A Little Girl No More

Today we are very fortunate to be able to offer to you the writing of a guest author Michael Blanco. www.michaelcblanco.com You’ve asked me: “How have you been able to overcome your past feelings of anger and sorrow?” Well there are many facets of my life that I have worked on through the years, but […]

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A 21st Century Spirituality Needs Us To Change The Way We Think

  © Dick Rauscher, 2011 If we want to change the world, if we want to embrace a new understanding of spirituality; a spirituality that reduces violence in the world, then we have to begin by changing the ourselves. We can only change ourselves by embracing a willingness to change the way we think. If […]

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