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How do we change the world and have more peace?

If we want to change the world, if we want to embrace a new understanding of spirituality, then we have to begin by changing ourselves. We can only change ourselves by embracing a willingness to change the way we think. If there is one thing that most describes the human species, it is our ability […]

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Birth of the “Self” and the Formation of Our Inner-Child Psyche

The formation of our inner-child psyche, and its primitive ego, takes place throughout the first six or seven years of childhood. Our “inner-child” and its primitive ego represent all of the learning’s, and experiences of childhood——both the good and the bad. Eventually the inner-child psyche reaches a point in its development that it is able […]

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Are You Simply Dieting or Getting Healthy?

Have you ever noticed the similarity between a diet and a New Years resolution? A diet sounds like a great idea when your standing in front of the mirror as you leave the shower, but by supper time it makes a lot more sense to start it tomorrow…or maybe after the holiday weekend that’s coming up. As […]

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A Sure Fired Way To Improve An Important Relationship With Two Questions

Have you ever wanted to improve the relationship with someone important to you but weren’t sure how to do it? All of us have behaviors and personality traits that are very difficult for us to see in ourselves, but others can see them clearly. So how can we help them to comfortably share those insights […]

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