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Create Your Own Future

It’s a rare person that doesn’t dream about changing their life and making it better. Unfortunately, few people actually make the changes necessary to create the future they are dreaming about Are you stuck in the dreaming stage, or are you a person that takes action? If you answered “action”, there are three important steps […]

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Strict Religious Beliefs & Political Beliefs Can Harm Relationships

Sometimes, a Stonyhill article hits a painful nerve. A recently published Stonyhill Nugget titled “Is It OK To Be Spiritual But Not Religious?” received a large number of emails reflecting the pain and conflict that exists in so many families around the subjects of religion and political beliefs. Given the level of pain that people […]

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Dealing with difficult people

How to Deal With Difficult People

Have you ever had that powerless feeling that comes when you have to deal with a person who has suddenly become demeaning, insulting, superior, sarcastic, or nasty? Or even worse, the passive aggressive person who you know is being aggressive and judgmental, but outwardly hides their feelings and attitude behind a “sweet” insincere smile. Not […]

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Spiritual But Not Religious?

Are you spiritual but not religious? If so, you have a lot of company. An estimated 70-80% of people today, whether churched or un-churched, report being “spiritual but not religious” and while those numbers are growing our churches are declining. Religion is defined as a collection of rituals and beliefs that we accept when we […]

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