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The Tragedy In Norway Is Proof That Black-And-White Thinking Breeds Violence

Thank heaven’s you’re not a prejudiced or intolerant person!————are you?? Clinical psychologist Dr. Todd Kashdan says that a lack of curiosity is a breeding ground for stereotyping and discrimination, ignorance, rigid conformity, and dogmatism. I would agree with Mr. Kashdan, but I would go further and define the problem of stereotyping and intolerance as a […]

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Is it Preparation or Good Luck?

Opportunity and good luck both require preparation, careful planning, and the courage to take action. Without adequate preparation, planning, and action, we will not be ready to recognize, or embrace the opportunities and “good luck” that we will encounter on our life journey. Good luck is always the reward of careful planning and the courage […]

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Fear of Change

In the last few Stonyhill Nuggets we have been exploring the concept that “change” creates all things, surrounds us, and sustains our very existence. At the same time, most of the unhappiness that we experience in life is due to the simple reality that the primitive ego inside each of us is unable or willing […]

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Manage Change Without Fear

As I wrote last week, it’s a well known fact that even though “change” creates all things, surrounds us, and even sustains our very existence, virtually all of the unhappiness that we experience in life is due to our inability, or lack of willingness, to embrace change. And ready or not there are certainly major […]

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How to manage change

In case you haven’t been following the news, our day-to-day world and our workplace are undergoing significant change, and the rate of change we are facing is accelerating rapidly. Because change is the bedrock of reality, there is absolutely no way we can avoid it. Without the fundamental reality of change embedded in all of […]

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The Middlepath

The middlepath is simply an internal journey into emptiness, not knowing, silence, simplicity, living in the moment, and accepting reality for what it is. Middlepath is a journey that each of us must take for ourselves; no one can do it for us. It requires the painful letting go of our cherished ego beliefs, certainties, […]

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