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Success and Persistence are Good Friends

We listen to a great violinist play a beautiful piece of music and we “wish” we could play like that. We tell ourselves they are “lucky” to be so musically talented. You and I might not have the “gifts” to become a famous violinist, but we all have our “gifts” and we all have our […]

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What’s in Your Cup?

The metaphor of the cup is one of the most helpful spiritual practices I use in my relationships with the people in my life. It is my primary daily practice. I try to picture every relationship I have, with every person in my life, as having a cup sitting between me and the other person. […]

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Three Sisters Hope, Faith & Charity

Hope, Faith & Charity

Today we are again fortunate to be able to offer to you the writing of our guest author Michael Blanco. Please visit his site to read more great articles. We currently know and often meet individuals who see hope, faith and charity as elusive beliefs or forces abruptly created by despair, sadness and turmoil. Is the […]

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