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Healing Relationships – Insights from the Velcro Loop

Do you struggle in your intimate relationships to find happiness and a sense of stability? Do you swing back and forth between periods of calm followed by periods of conflict and unhappiness? If you answered yes to these questions, take heart, you’re not alone. Insights gleaned from a relationship model called the Velcro Loop might […]

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Surviving Divorce: A Journey into the Wilderness – Revisited

I have received this letter in response to my Nugget ” Surviving Divorce: A Journey into the Wilderness”. I am posting it here with the permission from the author, Michael Blanco. Dear Dick, After reading your Stonyhill Nugget, “Surviving Divorce: A Journey Into The Wilderness,” I found myself reflecting on a past experiences. One paragraph […]

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9A’s + 3 – A Spiritual Practice for Relationships

I recently attended a talk by what I would consider to be a gifted public speaker. He is a person well known, articulate, and well-respected in his field. The talk was not only very helpful to those attending; it was delivered in an interesting and often humorous style. As a compulsive note-taker, I took several […]

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Five Insights To Manage Strong Feelings and Avoid the Garden Hose Effect, The Suicidal Turtle, and the Killer Skunk

Did you know that blocking or denying your feelings could literally be killing you? It’s true. The spiritual practice of being in the moment fully aware of your surrounding, and self-aware of your feelings and emotions, is not just a nice spiritual practice. It can protect your life. Denied or blocked feelings create anxiety and […]

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The Power of Story: Re-writing Your “Life Story”

Your life story, the story you tell others “and yourself” about your childhood and your life experiences, is not entirely accurate. It is essentially a creative explanation of “what happened” and is only loosely based on the “facts”. And your “story” is certainly not an accurate description of who you “really are“. The power of […]

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