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Planting the Seeds: A Metaphor for Success and Happiness

So often my coaching clients ask me “What do I need to do to become successful and happy”? The question implies that they have to somehow create their own success. Which of course is true…..but not in the way they think. Let’s say you want to create a new business. Or a new life. You […]

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Authenticity and Awareness Are The First Steps Toward Loving Yourself

Do you love yourself? How do you know? For years I read about the importance of learning to love myself…how learning to love myself was the key that would open the door to passion and joy in my life…..that self-love was the doorway into happiness. I believed what I was reading. The problem was I […]

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A Thanksgiving Day Spiritual Practice

If your goal is happiness, then Thanksgiving Day is the most important day of the year. It’s the day we collectively stop and give thanks for all that we have. The day we choose to be with family and friends and see the world through the lens of love and gratitude. If gratitude is the […]

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Beware of Energy Vampires and Giraffes When Finding Your Life Purpose

There are two very important things to remember when you are struggling to live your life purpose and re-write your life story. And these two things tend to keep company with each other. First is beware of energy vampires. Whenever you are ready to reach for your dreams, or begin living your life purpose, you […]

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The Eight Most Dangerous Words In The English Language

If you want to be happy and successful, there are eight words in the English language that you must avoid at all costs. Each of them has the power to destroy your dreams, and lead you into unnecessary suffering, disappointment, and hopelessness. What’s scary about these words is not only the fact that we tend […]

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Book Review of “Why Darwin Matters” by Michael Shermer

Whenever I read a book that makes a significant difference in my life or in my thinking about life, I will review it here in my blog. My hope is that doing this will help you in your personal and spiritual growth. “Why Darwin Matters” by Michael Shermer Review from Amazon A creationist-turned-scientist demonstrates the facts of evolution and […]

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