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Gratitude Has The Power To Rewire Your Brain For Happiness

There is an old saying that says “when we look out at the world we see what we expect to see; we see what we believe; and we essentially dismiss the rest as unimportant.” We are now beginning to understand how true that old saying really is. We are discovering the brain is actually hard […]

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Three Reasons Why Our Expectations Are Meant To Make Us Unhappy

Did you know that virtually all of the unhappiness, loneliness, conflict, disappointment, and broken relationships we experience in life are caused by un-met expectations created by our own ego in our own mind? It’s true. In fact, you’ll be shocked to learn that expectations are not what you think they are at all. Lets take […]

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If You Want To Be Happy, Learn To Allow Reality To Be What It Is.

There is one primary source of our unhappiness, conflict, and stress in life. How we tap into that source varies, but they all share a similar tap root in that they all reflect our ego’s unwillingness to let go of it’s need to be at war with the universe; its unwillingness to allow the universe […]

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Five Tips On How To Create Healthy Boundaries In Your Relationships

Setting healthy boundaries is one of the most important skills you can learn if you want to achieve high self-esteem, create the life you’ve dreamed about living, and experience the joy that comes from living the life you were meant to live. Without healthy boundaries you will find yourself powerless in your relationships with others, […]

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Create Your Dreams When You Are Busy and Overwhelmed

Everything boils down to proactive and reactive when you want to create your dreams. The issue that comes up more than any other in my coaching practice is the sense of feeling too busy and overwhelmed by all the little details that seem to chew up time. Every successful person has learned to manage the […]

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Every “Awful” Experience In Your Life Is Designed To Help You Awaken Your Consciousness

“Wow! What an awful experience!” “The nerve of that person!” “I can’t believe she said that!” “This can’t be happening to me!” “This is terrible!”   The next time your ego begins to talk to you this way, “know” that; you are in the process of shutting down your ability to look deeply into the […]

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