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The Three Most Important Insights Needed To Create Happy Relationships

Many people today report being unhappy in their relationships; with their marriage partner, their children, family members, and even their friends. These are not people ready to move on and find new relationships, they are simply people struggling to find greater happiness in the relationships they already have. Take a look at the relationships in […]

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Are You Sleepwalking Through Life?

m4s0n501 Are you like so many people today who report feeling stuck in a treadmill life? Are you bored with your life? Are you sleepwalking through the daily routines that define your life? Does your life lack meaning? When I start feeling this way it’s usually because I’ve lost awareness of two important things in […]

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Your Primitive Ego Uses Childhood Fears To Harm Your Authenticity

If your goal is authenticity and personal growth, understanding the unconscious primitive ego of your inner-child will help you discover the beams in your own eye; those fears and beliefs from childhood that have been creating so much of your unhappiness and lack of authenticity.   Your primitive ego creatively used your unique gifts and […]

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It’s Time For Change In Our Political Process: Political Suggestions For An Enlightened Voter

I think it’s time for change in our nation’s political process. There has to be a better way of electing our nations leaders. The election rhetoric has hardly begun and the petty wrangling, the distortions, the blatant use of fear, and the unwillingness to address the critical issues facing our nation is already beginning. Once […]

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