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My Relationship With Reality

Sometimes I think that our journey in the wilderness of life should run backwards. It would make more sense if it did. For example, we would begin our relationship with a life partner and have children in our seventies and eighties while we actually have some wisdom. By the time our children reached adulthood we […]

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Inserting Conservative Religious Beliefs Into National Politics Is Dangerous

When a person of faith speaks about compassion, justice, diversity, civility, empathy, care of the disadvantaged, and does so with a smile, listen to them. They might be giving you something valuable to think about. When a person of faith speaks to you about their religious beliefs, or tells you how you “should” live your […]

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Self-Awareness And The Art Of Living In The Present Moment

When you stand on the edge of the ocean and listen to the waves rhythmically pounding the shore as the setting sun touches the water and turns the clouds into a brilliantly painted red sky, do you stand in stillness and awe of the beauty before you, and allow the moment to fully enter your […]

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Why A Vanilla Shake Doesn’t Leave Us Feeling Loved

The reason most people complain about not feeling loved in their marriage or significant relationship is because their idea of love is a fantasy based on the illusion that “their partner” can heal the wounds of  “their” childhood. The yearning we feel is not the need to experience love, it’s the need to be loved […]

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