A Reader’s Question On The Law Of Attraction

A reader from Azerbaijan writes:


Law of Attraction
My understanding of the The Law of Attraction says we define our own destiny by either surrendering to our negative thinking or painting a positive image of our life in our mind. If this is true, then who defines the destiny of a newly-born baby with congenital life-threatening disease? Did the baby actually choose this destiny for itself before it was born? If not, then who did?


Dear Reader,

The The Law of Attraction says that we attract into our life the same kind of emotional energy we are holding in our minds. For example, if we are convinced that the world and everybody we meet is critical and judgmental, those are exactly the kind of people we will attract into our lives. On the other hand if you believe everyone is loving and caring, those are the kind of people you will attract.

The basic concept in Law of Attraction is the idea that you need to become the kind of person you would like to attract into your life. Similar energy attracts similar energy.

An infant is not capable of choosing or controlling the kind of energy they are sending into the world. Their brains are not yet physically developed. So to answer your question, no I do not believe that a newly-born baby could do anything to impact their own destiny or cause themselves to be born with a life-threatening disease. It’s not the baby’s fault.

Nor do I hold the belief that someone, usually assumed to be God, caused it, allowed it, or choose it in any way. Sometimes bad things happen to good and innocent people. That seems to me to just be the way the universe works. I couldn’t imagine anyone intentionally or consciously doing anything to cause such a tragic outcome.

But I do believe that the Creator of our universe, the divine Conscious energy deeply embedded in the universe that supports and encourages evolution, is the source of universal love and compassion that manifests through cooperation, connection, increased complexity, diversity, and the evolution of all life and consciousness.

We are conscious Co-Creators with the Consciousness of the Creator, so I would have to believe that such a child would grow to experience a loving and compassionate world that genuinely care for and support its life journey.

I hope that this was just a philosophic question and not a life issue that you or someone you care about is struggling to make sense of personally.

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