Accepting Death is Reality of Life – Insights from the Wilderness #111

Accepting Death is Reality of LifeHave you ever noticed how often wisdom is embedded in the simple realities of life?

For example, the reality that when we resist reality we create unnecessary pain and suffering for ourselves. Or how about the reality that life is terminal. Or the reality that aging is inevitable.

When we are younger we tend to miss some of life’s wisdom because we choose to ignore the uncomfortable realities of life. That was certainly the case for me. The realities I mentioned above occasionally crossed my mind, but because they were unpleasant things to think about, I chose not to dwell on them.

Like most of us, I put them away; out of sight; out of consciousness, and life moved on. I was unaware that I was unconsciously resisting reality; unaware that I was missing the gifts and opportunities that come to us when we fully embrace and accept the simple reality that life is finite.

Fortunately, life continued to bring these realities back into my consciousness until I had the courage to embrace them and discover the wisdom they contain; the power they contained to awaken my consciousness——-and what I discovered was no reality contains more wisdom or power to help us awaken than embracing the finite nature of life.

The acceptance of death is a powerful awakening; and for most of us, myself included, it marks the beginning of our journey into authenticity.

An anonymous Italian poet once wrote “Life and consciousness are like a brilliant flash of light and then it is darkness for eternity.” His message was clear. ‘Wake up to the amazing gift that you’ve been given. You only get one shot at life; don’t waste it sleep walking through life.’

When you can find the courage to truly awaken to your flash of light, and begin to fully embrace the reality that your life is finite, a sense of urgency enters your awareness. You find that you are able to harness the power of intentionality; the urgency to intentionally and consciously begin creating the life you were born to live.

Living life unconsciously no longer makes sense to you. You are no longer comfortable living your life through the filter of your ego “beliefs”.  As you awaken, the desire to live in the moment, and opening yourself to the experience of life, becomes an overwhelming need.

Each breath becomes precious. Each breath becomes a gift. You begin to wonder how many more breaths you will have the opportunity to experience.

There is an old adage that says “the issue isn’t old age and death, it’s the danger of not “living” before we die”; of not making a difference in the world. When you truly awaken to the reality that your life is finite; that this moment is “your” flash of light, you will discover that the choice to intentionally live every moment of your life as fully as possible has become your life passion.

Instead of letting the mundane routines of life lull you into sleep walking, you will find yourself resisting the fears that have keep you a prisoner trapped in your structured, safe, ordered, calm, boring, limited life of conformity.  You will begin to find the courage to more fully experience life outside the box——new experiences, building new relationships, helping others, volunteering, using your unique gifts to make a difference in the world——creating the life that you have always wanted to create for yourself.


We will all eventually succumb to aging and death, so the sooner we awaken our consciousness to that reality the sooner we can get about the experience of living our flash of light as fully as we can, and filling the time we have with as much meaning as our imaginations can envision.

When time and the finite nature of our lives eventually catches up with us, as we draw our last breath, we will “know” in our hearts that we lived life embracing our flash of light without reservation——that we had the courage to get outside the box——-the courage to make our life matter.

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