Adult Spiritual Development – Video Series Chapters 9 – 12

Adult Spiritual Development – Video Series Chapters 9 – 12

Adult Spiritual Development

We published the the videos of the first 8 chapters of my book Adult Spiritual Development in a past Nugget. Today we are publishing the next four videos. These are short videos for each chapter in which I talk about five key concepts or ideas contained in the chapter.

This video series and the book are designed to offer you important insights that will help you change the way you think and improve the personal relationships you have with others. They will also give you some insight into the problems we are seeing in the world today. The ideas presented are designed to be easily incorporated into your day to day life.

I will send an email with the links to these videos as they are completed. Here are the links to the next four videos, covering Chapters 9 – 12 of the book Adult Spiritual Development. You can purchase the book here if you would like to read along with the videos.

I hope this video series will be helpful for you

If you have questions or comments on the video or the book, know that I try to answer all emails or feedback from my readers.

Dick Rauscher

Adult Spiritual Development – Video Series Chapters 9 – 12

Chapter 9:  Growth In Self-Awareness Is Authentic Spiritual Growth

  • Spirituality
  • Self-Consciousness
  • Humility
  • Being Present
  • Paying Attention


Chapter 10:  The Power Of Story

  • Holding On – Letting Go
  • Religious Stories
  • Why Story Is Needed
  • Religious Stories


Chapter 11: – A Middlepath Spirituality

  • What Is Middlepath
  • Playground Fights
  • Emotional Reactivity
  • Growing Up


Chapter 12: The Need For A New Global Spirituality

  • Self Identity
  • Integral Spirituality


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