Adult Spiritual Development

Adult Spiritual Development: The Creation Of An Authentic Spirituality for The 21st Century

This book by Dick Rauscher discusses the evolution of nonduality in human spiritual development: creating a progressive nondual middlepath spirituality for the 21st century and how spiritual growth is achieved not through religious beliefs and doing compassion, it’s about becoming compassion.

When our goal is authentic spiritual growth and the awakening of our human consciousness, Primitive Ego Psychology and Evolutionary Spirituality come together to offer powerful spiritual insights for those on the path to a more enlightened consciousness.

Authentic spiritual growth is learning to see the world with new eyes. It’s about changing the way we think. Only when we have the courage and willingness to journey within, and expand our self-knowledge through intentional growth in self-awareness, will we achieve those two goals.

Using the spiritual insights, and spiritual practices derived from his work in Primitive Ego Psychology and Evolutionary Spirituality, author Dick Rauscher gives the reader the practical wisdom needed to actually become compassion and remove the roadblocks that keep us from becoming compassion; the goal of all of history’s great spiritual teachers.

Adult Spiritual Development Preview

Table of Contents

Part 1

 Adult-spiritual-development-chap-1Chapter 1: Growth And Change

  • The Nature Of Growth
  • Human Ego
  • Religion And Change
  • New Spiritual Maps

Adult-spiritual-development-chap-2Chapter 2: Primitive Ego Development

  • Early Childhood
  • Personal Beliefs And Certainties
  • Religion And Spirituality

Adult-spiritual-development-chap-3Chapter  3: Growth In Self-Awareness

  • Primitive Ego
  • Emotional Knee Jerks
  • Bent Nickel Beliefs
  • Primitive Ego And Religion

Adult-spiritual-development-chap-4Chapter 4 – Birth Of The Self

  • Primitive Ego Psychology
  • Awakening From Our Primitive Ego


Adult-spiritual-development-chap-5Chapter 5 –Common Aspects Of Our Primitive Ego

  • Narcissism
  • Dualism
  • Blame
  • Power

Part 2

Adult-spiritual-development-chap-6Chapter 6 – Becoming And  Co-Creation

  • Dualism
  • Consciousness



Adult-spiritual-development-chap-7Chapter 7 – The Power Of  Because

  • Love And Because
  • Because And Religion



Adult-spiritual-development-chap-8Chapter 8: Learning To Accept The Reality Of What Is

  • Self-Awareness
  • River Of Life



Adult-spiritual-development-chap-9Chapter 9:  Growth In Self-Awareness Is Authentic Spiritual Growth

  • Spirituality
  • Self-Consciousness
  • Humility
  • Being Present
  • Paying Attention


Adult-spiritual-development-chap-10Chapter 10:  The Power Of Story

  • Holding On – Letting Go
  • Religious Stories
  • Why Story Is Needed
  • Religious Stories


Adult-spiritual-development-chap-11Chapter 11: – A Middlepath Spirituality

  • What Is Middlepath
  • Playground Fights
  • Emotional Reactivity
  • Growing Up


Adult-spiritual-development-chap-12Part 3:

Chapter 12: The Need For A New Global Spirituality

  • Self Identity
  • Integral Spirituality


Adult-spiritual-development-chap-13Chapter 13: Evolutionary Spirituality

  • Changing The Story
  • Impulse To Become
  • Survival And Change
  • Identical Stories
  • Inclusive Spirituality


Adult-spiritual-development-chap-14Chapter 14: An Authentic Spirituality For The 21st Century

  • Middlepath Spirituality


Final Stories


What others are saying

This book has been enlightening not only for me personally, but also in a professional capacity. It provides a lot of opportunities for small or large group discussions. I am putting on a workshop in the upcoming weeks and will be integrating a lot of the concepts and activities discussed in this book to accentuate the content and teachings of my workshop. The author writes in a way that is easy to follow and comprehend regardless of the readers background. So glad I came upon this book.

Thank you!!! Kristina R Bianchi

I truly want to thank you for a challenging, well-researched book which came from years of reflection and honest soul-searching on your part.

This was one of the most challenging books I read. Not because I did not agree with it; I most heartily do, but because it was insistently poised on self-responsibility and self-knowledge as growth in the spiritual life. Most of the book I purchased and read is marked up for future reference. One of my friends is a Zen Buddhist female priest. She looked at it and concurred that it agrees very much with the Buddhist perspective on the middle way.

I also was glad to see that you put adult spiritual development in the context of evolution, which is where it belongs. We sometimes think that just “nature” evolves and overlook the scientifically-proven fact that we are part of that evolution, continuing to further it by our growth in spirituality. (i.e. Barbara Marx Hubbard)

Your book was a gift to me as I trust it is to many others. It not only affirmed my own practices but also challenged me to go even deeper, to be more expansive.


Suzanne Moynihan, SSND


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