American Political Process Is Embarrassing – Insights from the Wilderness #115

Our Political Process Is A Clear Reflection That Who We Are Inside Is Who We Are Outside

American Political Process Is EmbarrassingDo you see yourself as a kind, compassionate person?

Most of us do. Unfortunately regardless of who we think we are, our true self is the “self” our ego will unconsciously project or reflect into the world. Stated simply, our ego will always reflect our true self to those around us—–who we are inside is who we will always be on the outside.

The American Political Process Is Embarrassing

We are seeing this simple truth in our national elections when we allow our politicians to demonize those who think differently. We see it when we are driving our cars and have to deal with the aggressive impatience and sense of entitlement of other drivers. We see it in our second class prejudicial treatment and lack of compassion for minorities and immigrants. We see it when we put our own financial well-being ahead of our concern for the poor, and those less fortunate, in our national priorities.

If we were the awakened, compassionate, kind, caring culture and people we would like to believe we are, we would not tolerate or support the primitive, arrogant, self focused narcissism, sarcasm, and reality distorting statements we hear when we listen to the majority of politicians running for public office in our country.

The behaviors we allow, and support in others, are always a reflection of who “we” are inside. When we allow our politicians to exhibit these kind of primitive, self-focused behaviors day-after-day on public television, we are teaching our children that it is OK to be unkind, judgmental, uncaring, and self-serving.

The political commercials that our children are watching on television reflect the reality that we are a nation of people tolerant of this kind of arrogant behavior. That it’s ok to bend and distort the truth. Most people would call that lying. That it’s OK to label those who think differently as evil. Most people would call that prejudicial and dangerous totalitarian us-versus-them thinking.

Until we awaken and become self-aware of our unconscious tendencies to arrogantly force our ideas and beliefs onto others as absolute truth, and condone black-and-white, either/or, dualistic us-versus-them thinking that demonizes those who think differently——we are clearly reflecting, on the outside, an accurate picture or image of the person we are inside.


We are rapidly evolving into a global, interconnected culture. We need a compassionate global evolutionary consciousness to go along with our evolving mobile global communication systems and smart phones.

The consciousness of our species and the culture we live in also needs to be evolving. We need to recognize and teach our children that separateness is an illusion. That otherness is called diversity. That everything in our evolving universe is kin. That we are all on this human journey together.

When we allow the kind of behavior we are seeing in our nation’s political process, it raises an important question——are we evolving upward, or are we regressing?

What “is” certain is the simple truth that who we are inside will always be reflected in our external behaviors. Until we awaken, become more self-aware, and are willing to confront those behaviors that would have us regress to a more primitive level of human consciousness and culture——those behaviors will reflect the values we are teaching our children.

Personally, I find our nation’s political process to be primitive and embarrassing. It is not a level of human consciousness I want my grandchildren learning.

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