American Political System and Middlepath Thinking – Insights from the Wilderness #166

American Political System and Middlepath ThinkingThe American political system was founded on democracy or the power of compromise and middlepath thinking. We seem to have lost that ideal? Why?

Do you have the ability to hold two opposing ideas in your mind without assuming one is true and the other is false? Do you have the ability to search for the truths contained in both positions? If you answered yes, you are using an enlightened and mature thinking process. If you answered no, you are most likely under the control of your primitive ego—– the immature ego of your unconscious inner-child.

Think what happened the last time you got into a philosophic argument and took a rigid, no compromise position on the subject. Did it end well?  Are you still friends with the person? How often do you think you can afford to be absolutely “right” before the relationship comes to an end?

Now take the same scenario into the work environment. You are the co-owner of a business and you are trying to decide how your business should be run. Now think about taking an inflexible position. Because you believe you are absolutely “right” you are unwilling to compromise. How long do you think the partnership will survive?

The Problem With Primitive Black-And-White Thinking

Individuals or groups that use a black-and-white, inflexible, either/or thinking process believe their ideological beliefs represent absolute truth. Because they are rigidly unwilling to compromise, they are forced to resort to manipulation and distortion of the truth, bullying, ultimatums, threats, and force to get others to agree with them. They assume they are absolutely “right”; and anyone who disagrees with them is absolutely wrong.

Over time they tend to become more and more extreme and defensive in their beliefs and they lose the ability to take in any information that conflicts with their version of  “the truth”. But most importantly, they assume that they, and they alone, know what is best for others.

The Danger Of Primitive Black-And-White Thinking In A Democracy

Primitive black-and-white thinking is the thinking process used by every terrorist organization, despotic government, and totalitarian leader in human history. Terrorists are fundamentalists that do not compromise. They use ultimatums, threats, and force to insure that anyone who disagrees with them is forced into submission. Stated simply, primitive black-and-white, either/or thinking represents a level of human consciousness that can quickly lead to political terrorism.

We are beginning to see this dangerous, rigid inflexibility in our American political system. Politicians or political parties that create threats and gridlock because they are unwilling to embrace the reality of compromise and middlepath thinking represent one of the most serious threats to the American democratic system that we have witnessed in many years.

A democracy is based on the concept that every idea that is offered will quickly be countered by a different idea. A democracy is based on the concept that both sides represent some wisdom and truth. A democracy is based on the concept of compromise; the search for a way forward that embraces the middlepath wisdom that truths are always found on both sides of the debate.


Politicians that a) are not willing to embrace the reality of the democratic process, and b) choose to embrace a rigid ideological thinking process that rejects the concept of compromise, represent the political maturity of a person that is clearly under the control of their inner-child’s immature, unconscious, and un-enlightened primitive ego. They need to be quickly removed from our democratic political system and replaced by politicians that represent a more evolved and enlightened consciousness.

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