I Am Appalled At The Egregious Lack Of Compassion and Moral Courage In The GOP – (#295)

I am appalled at the egregious lack of moral fiber in the GOP and their lack of courage to protect the foundational values of our American democracy. Republicans control both the Senate and House. The potential for them to pass measures that would help America become stronger and a leader in the world is being squandered.

If you are uncertain of the meaning of appalled or egregious, please look them up in the dictionary. Because trust me, they clearly reflect how I’m feeling about the direction our country is heading. Our Judicial System is under attack, our Press is under attack, and our President is clearly a racist attacking people of color, Muslims, and anyone who disagrees with his autocratic and totalitarian beliefs and opinions. He is the President of a Democratic nation, not the supreme dictatorial ruler of our nation.

Except for a small handful of Republicans like Jeff Flake, John McCain and Lindsey Graham there is almost no-one in the GOP with the courage or moral fiber to stand up and take a stand against Trump to protect the values that our Nation was founded on. Our Nation is under attack, and our elected officials are mute. Immigrants that have been in our country since childhood are being deported simply because our President doesn’t like them. He says they are from s**t-hole countries and they are dangerous terrorists… despite the fact that virtually all of the “terrorist attacks” that have taken place in our country have been perpetrated by armed white, American citizens.

Yes, I’m angry. I can’t believe that the entire GOP has gone “mute” and “powerless” in the face of such dangerous threats to our Democratic way of life.

Are the GOP more concerned about their own power and position, or do they simply lack compassion and empathy? In either case, I have no respect for them. Innocent people are being harmed while they sit quietly protecting their jobs. If they, or the  “base” they represent, are comfortable with this kind of spineless behavior and arrogant disregard for those less fortunate……I have no respect for either of them.

And don’t even think about quoting me from your Bible unless the passages you are quoting include the words compassion, empathy, humility, caring, healing, warmth, love, tenderness, tolerance, kindness, or mercy. Unless that’s the Bible you’re using, you have no business calling yourself a “Christian” …..because you’re not.

As an ordained Clergy in the Christian Church I have no tolerance for anyone who uses the Christian Bible to spew hatred and indifference against those who are a) powerless, b) less fortunate, c) displaced by drought, d) struggling with hunger, e) coping with natural disasters, f) homeless, g) unable to access healthcare, or h) are in any way unable to access the rights and privileges needed to create a meaningful life…….the same basic rights and privileges that we Americans enjoy every day of our lives.

And yes, I also include as oppressed, all of the people of color living in our country who struggle every day against the invisible white racism that denies them the opportunity and rights needed to access the lifestyles that come with being white.

The indifference reflected by the GOP and the Republican base to those less fortunate is unacceptable. The indifference of those who simply ignore the pain and suffering of those less fortunate is unacceptable. It’s unconscionable. Tens of thousands of “Dreamers” and their families live every day with the fear and uncertainty that their lives and families might be torn apart…..while the GOP plays the game of politics with their lives. These people are human beings, and the GOP needs to acknowledge their egregious lack of compassion and empathy.

And don’t talk to me about your fear of terrorists unless you have overwhelming evidence that our country is under attack by “foreign terrorists” …….not armed white terrorists who are citizens of our country. Unless you have documented proof and examples of “foreign terrorism” in our county, I have no respect or tolerance for your bigotry and indifference for those who are suffering…….here in our country or those suffering in other countries. And if you are an elected representative in the GOP using “terrorism” as an excuse to ignore those who are suffering, or simply staying mute in the face of the threats to our Nation……you need to resign. You do not have the moral courage to hold the office that you hold. If you are so concerned with those killed by terrorists, why are you so silent about those killed every day by guns in our Nation? Why are you so silent about the tens of thousands killed in alcohol-related automobile accidents every year? If you continue to have no demonstrated compassion and empathy for the people in our Nation, you do not deserve to continue in public office. You need to resign and go home.

Silence in the face of suffering is not acceptable.

We are all humans. We are all on this journey called life together. And we are not “entitled” to the life and privileges we enjoy and experience here in our country every day. As Americans, we have more “power” and “opportunity” to bring compassion and empathy to those less fortunate than any other people on the planet.

It’s time we began to reflect that responsibility.

And finally, “thank you” to all of those who are working selflessly every day in our country to help those less fortunate. You are the face of compassion and empathy in our Nation that gives me hope for our future. We need more of you to run for public office and replace those who have lost the vision of what it means to be a compassionate leader of the people. It’s time for change


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