Are We A Civilized Nation or Not? – Insights from the Wilderness #41

There is a great deal of conversation in the press these days about the lack of civility in Washington. Politicians on both sides of the isle, especially the conservatives in each party, seem to have lost their ability to be civil and respectful.

The civilized concepts of respect, kindness, and civility have given way to angry sarcasm, name calling, and demeaning attacks on the character, ethics, morality and intelligence of anyone who dares to disagree with them.

civilized nationThe rampant level of primitive ego narcissism they are manifesting is turning our government into an adolescent high school food fight.

Drawing a rifle target on the chest of a political opponent and publishing that image in the public media reflects the same lack of values, ethics, and moral behaviors that middle eastern dictators are currently using toward those who dare to disagree or challenge their right to rule.

The values of free speech, the right to disagree, and the protection of individual freedoms are the civilized ideals our nation is built upon.

Allowing the narcissism of a primitive ego thinking process or primitive ego consciousness to determine the direction of our nation’s path into the future is not going to be successful.

We are either a civilized nation in our behavior toward one another or we are not.

When we tolerate the level of incivility in our political process that we have been seeing lately, we are walking a very dangerous path toward violence and intolerance……..a nation that has lost its moral and civilized grounding.

It’s time to intentionally awaken and evolve our nation’s collective consciousness. Our inner-child’s primitive ego consciousness is not up to the task.

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