Are You Spiritually Awake? – Insights from the Wilderness #1

Are You Spiritually AwakeAt Stonyhill we believe a person is spiritually awakened when they have incorporated the spiritual disciplines to live fully in the moment, and have developed a heart that is open to a sense of the sacred.

A person who is spiritually awakened has the ability to accept the reality of what is, and is able to internally challenge and explore the many ego beliefs, assumptions, certainties, and expectations that they have consciously and unconsciously accumulated over the course of their life.

The goal of all spiritual awakening and growth in self-awareness is learning to tame the primitive ego by “emptying the ego” of its many opinions and certainties….the ability to “not know.

A spiritually awakened person lives life in the knowledge that all of one’s accumulated beliefs are only relative metaphors and concepts that talk about reality; they do not finally define ultimately reality.

For a person who is spiritually awakened, reality can only be experienced.
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