Authenticity is Spiritual “Becoming” – Insights from the Wilderness #156

Authenticity is Spiritual “Becoming”To wrap up our discussion on what it means to embrace our authenticity, the subject we’ve been exploring in the last few Nuggets, I need to include the important subject of spirituality in our conversation. I’m not talking about religion, I’m talking about spirituality, or spirit-mindedness. They are two different subjects. Religion is an attempt to define the mystery of ultimate reality in human terms and human language. Spirituality is about the spirit that animates and motivates our soul.

When we enter the world of spirituality it’s best to leave intellect and words behind. They tend not to serve us very well.  The journey toward the spiritual world requires soul language. Our soul perceives the world through the intangible spiritual lens of intuition, insight, awareness, and wisdom; the capacity to discern the hidden inner-nature and depth of things; the in-sight to see and openly embrace the intangible wind of spirit that blows through the universe.

When we enter the world of spirituality, we are moving toward meaning, intention, purpose, passion, and animation; the inherent why of the universe, not the who. And that includes the why of each of us, and the ability of our soul to embrace the authenticity of who we really are.

When I sit and quiet myself; when I slow down and open my senses to the world around me, I begin to experience the flow of change that animates our universe. Everywhere I look, whether inside at the realities of my own life, or at our world and the evolving universe, I see change. I see the evolutionary impulse or spirit of becoming that is creating our universe.

I have come to believe that who I am, my essential true self, is simply a local self-conscious reflection of a 13.8 billion year old evolving universe; a universe that is in the process of becoming. In other words, I am simply a “self” that is becoming. If my goal is to embrace my authenticity, I have to be open to the reality that my soul, that part of me that recognizes the spirit of becoming that is creating the universe, is calling me to evolve and become the person I was meant to be.

For me to live an authentic life I have to be open to that spirit or impulse to become. I have to recognize when my primitive ego fear is interfering with my ability to grow. I have to recognize when my old beliefs are in the way of accepting new ideas. I have to pay attention to those moments when my ego is stuck in the false self of who I think I am, so I can recognize that it’s blocking my ability to become the person I was born to become.

I am a conscious, living expression of the evolutionary spirit or evolutionary impulse that is creating our universe. Because I embody the spirit of becoming, I am the universe becoming. As I embrace an evolutionary spirituality and grow in self-awareness, it provides me the insight and motivation I need to continue learning, growing, and becoming. It gives me the courage I need to create a new “self” every day.

When I can stay present and open to an evolutionary spirituality of becoming, I have no doubt that my soul will continue to use the spirit of becoming to guide my journey toward an authentic life. We are becoming a compassionate species reaching for the stars; in an evolving universe that, through us, is becoming conscious and aware of itself.

I am committed to living with authenticity as a person in the process of becoming because I believe that is the ultimate meaning and purpose of our universe; and our species. In this universe, becoming will never end.

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