An Awakened Consciousness Knows That All Of Creation Is Inter-Connected – Insights from the Wilderness #176


Creation is interconnectedAn awakened consciousness knows that all of creation is inter-connected—-that all of creation is a simple unity; that every thing in creation is inter-connected and inter-dependent; that everything we possess has been gifted and given to us.

When we are able to embrace humility and a sense of gratitude we recognize that everything we have, everything we know, and everything that sustains our existence has been given to us; it has come from outside of ourselves—–our birth, the air we breathe, the oxygen in the air, the sunlight and rain, the earth that grows our food, the knowledge that has been passed down to us, the wood we use to build the houses we live in, the technology that we depend on, and even the love, empathy and compassion that gives our life meaning. It has all been gifted to us.

The common ego belief that we are actually separate independent beings is not only an illusion, it creates most of the anxiety and conflict we experience in life. We tell ourselves that everything we have is ours. We earned it. We struggled for it. We worked for it. We created all of it. We are the center of the universe. We are entitled to have it.

At least, that’s what our primitive ego would like to believe.

We tell ourselves that our beliefs represent absolute truth and we are always right. We know how the universe should function. We judge. We know our definition of the Creator is the correct and only truth. Our nation is the best nation. Our religion is the best religion. God takes care of us because we are special. Our tribe is the best tribe. We don’t have to be thankful or grateful. We are entitled to what we have earned. We deserve to have it. We are strong and independent. Dependence is a weakness.

As we become more self-aware and begin to awaken our consciousness, our worldviews change. We begin to see that our primitive ego is very uncomfortable with weakness and dependence. That powerlessness and helplessness are very frightening feelings. That lack of control makes us anxious.

As we mature and evolve our consciousness we awaken to the amazing reality that dualistic, right/wrong, either/or thinking is an illusion; an illusion created by and found only in the human mind. We awaken to the reality that all of creation is unity—-a simple oneness. We look at nature and we see nothing but an intricate web of relationships that unite and connect all of creation. We are living, conscious stardust.

The day we awaken to that realization, the entire universe shifts. We experience awe.

We begin to embrace humility. We become thankful and grateful—-for everything. We begin to reach out and connect with the world in new ways. Instead of simply taking from the world, we begin to give to the world. Beliefs that fail to lead to an increase in compassion are dropped. We begin to care for our planet and the other life forms that co-exist with us. We begin to care for others and seek to add value to their lives—–not because it’s the kind, compassionate thing to do, but rather because we understand that we are all interconnected. We are all inter-dependent. What we offer to others we are offering to ourselves.

We look up at the stars ablaze in a clear night sky and know that we are an inter-connected part of the amazing inter-connected mystery and oneness we call our universe. We become thankful and grateful to be an awakened conscious part of that mystery.

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