Being a Perfectionist Will Kill Your Dreams

One of the most common anxieties that most of my clients struggle with is the fear that if they are not functioning at an A+ perfectionist level, and responsible for everyone and every thing around them, they feel like they are not ok, and they fear the world will somehow fall apart.

Now I know that I’m probably overstating the problem a bit, but it is very difficult to manage the need many of us have to be a perfectionist. If we are a perfectionist in one area of our lives, we are more than likely a perfectionist in most areas of our life.

This is especially true when we are attempting to find our life purpose and begin creating the life we have always wanted to life. Because we have a great passion to create a new life for ourselves, it’s easy to confuse our passion for a new life with our need to be perfect.  Because both are strong desires it is hard to keep them separate.

It’s important to remember that perfection is an illusion. There is no such thing as perfection.  If our goal is 100%, anything less than 100% will feel like failure emotionally.……like we’re not living up to our goals. The need for perfection triggers our fear of failure and shuts down virtually all of our dreams and our desires faster than we can dream them.

Achieving 90% of our goal is more realistic and far less intimidating than “perfection”.  Once you hit 90%, the rest is just polishing and tweaking. We always have the option of establishing a new goal to improve on the 90% we have already achieved. But remember, only shoot to hit 90% of the new goal.

Most of us dream way too small and set goals for ourselves that are far too “perfect”. We need to reverse those two desires……..dream  bigger and then work to achieve 90%. You’ll be far more successful and happy if you do.

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