Be who you already are

Be Who You Already Are (#232)

  I know it sounds like a “duh”, but it’s true. The greatest challenge you will ever face in your life is learning to “be” who you already are. So what makes it so hard to accomplish that simple goal? Why do we spend so much of our lives pretending to be someone we’re not? […]

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Happiness is in the now

Happiness is in the Now

“Why is happiness so elusive? Why do we have to struggle so hard to achieve it? It seems that happiness is like a butterfly. It flits from here to there and is very difficult to capture. I can never hang onto happiness for more than a few moments. Why is that?” Is that your experience? […]

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Create Memory Hooks For New Ideas

I’m back at the writing at Stonyhill after a great spring trip in our new 20 foot Lance camper. The last Nugget, which was planned to be sent out while traveling between Kelso Dunes and Las Vegas, was the victim of too many “happy hours” around a campfire, and other amazing wilderness distractions. You can […]

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