Voting For Ruler Or Leader In November?

  I love how every once in a while you come across a book that shifts your view of reality. I recently read a book that did just that for me. The book Neither Wolf Nor Dog: On Forgotten Roads With An Indian Elder by Kent Nerburn shares the thoughts and insights of a Native […]

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Amazing Power of Choice

I recently had an interesting conversation with a friend about the many challenges facing humanity. Global warming. Overpopulation. Droughts. Poverty. Hunger. Wealth inequality. In each example, I was struck by his over-all sense of powerlessness. We moved from challenge to challenge and each time I suggested a possible solution, he would remind me of just […]

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Protected People and Unprotected People?

  Are you one of the “protected” or are you one of the “unprotected”? A very interesting question if you live in America. A question you might want to better understand as we head into the 2016 elections. This Stonyhill Nugget was the result of an article I read recently by John Mauldin entitled Life […]

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Intuition: Embracing Your Deeper Wisdom

“I just had a thought…..I wonder if………..,” are often the words of intuition speaking. I was working on the automatic watering system for my raised bed gardens. The old system was leaking and far too hard to re-hookup every spring. I was just about to give up struggling with it and call a landscaper when […]

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