Awakening to Life as a Process

The workshop was over. Except for one last participant everyone had gone. I was stacking the chairs and getting ready to leave when she walked up to me. It was clear she wanted to talk. It had been a long day and I was ready to head home, kick off my shoes, and share a […]

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Growing Happiness

[svp][/svp]   I used to believe that great philosophers came with a Ph.D. or were really old. I now know that is not true. Some of the most profound philosophers I’ve met in my life have been people I would never have guessed to possess a philosophic mind. The most recent example of this […]

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Questioning your Beliefs – Goats vs Sheep

m4s0n501 Questioning your religious and spiritual beliefs can be a painful process, but the rewards are worth the effort. When I made the decision to drop out of the fast lane of manufacturing engineering and begin homesteading on 27 acres in up state New York in the 1970’s, I had no idea how much the […]

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