Global Climate Change

Despite my best attempts to stay out of crowds and obsessively wash my hands whenever I was in public, I still came down with the flu this year. First time in ten years. Trust me, you don’t want it. While I was surfing the internet, the only thing I had any energy to do, I […]

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Important Things To Teach Children

Based on the amount of feedback I received from last week’s parenting article, it’s clear that creative parenting and grand-parenting is an important subject for many of my readers. So based on the feedback from last week’s nugget I am offering three more important ways to support a “can do” attitude in children. Three Important […]

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Conscious Creation – Are We Gods?

Our thoughts and emotions are far more powerful than most of us realize. They create our happiness, our unhappiness, and they are totally responsible for the life we are currently living. In fact, they not only shape our own lives, they literally impact the ongoing evolution of our universe. You probably think I’m overstating it […]

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