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I Fight For My Values. I Believe In A Sustainable World, Radical Simplicity, Powering Down From Petroleum And Renewable Green Energy (#292)

If you agree with the title of this article you know in your heart things have to change. You fight for your values. You believe in a sustainable world, radical simplicity, powering down from petroleum and renewable green energy. Global warming and global climate change have you worried. Washington’s intransigent GOP conservative denial of global […]

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13481436 - accept and refuse keys show acceptance or denial

Binary Thinking: America and Democracy Under Attack -#289

The primary threat to America, Democracy, and our future is not Trump. It isn’t the GOP. It’s not Congress. It’s not North Korea. The primary threat to our nation is the binary, one-sided, either/or, black and white inflammatory, extremist thinking designed to distract us. This either/or thinking is dumbing down the American public to the […]

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