Growing Happiness   I used to believe that great philosophers came with a Ph.D. or were really old. I now know that is not true. Some of the most profound philosophers I’ve met in my life have been people I would never have guessed to possess a philosophic mind. The most recent example of this “disconnect” […]

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Questioning your Beliefs – Goats vs Sheep

Questioning your religious and spiritual beliefs can be a painful process, but the rewards are worth the effort. When I made the decision to drop out of the fast lane of manufacturing engineering and begin homesteading on 27 acres in up state New York in the 1970’s, I had no idea how much the insights […]

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Is Unconditional Love Even Possible?

  Modern philosophers remind us that it’s all but impossible to fully understand the words of a person who is teaching at a level of consciousness above that of our own. For example, divide some pennies and dimes into two stacks. Put nine pennies in the first stack and three dimes in the second. Then […]

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Improve Relationships By Listening

I recently attended a workshop to improve our listening skills; the listening skills required for us to build more intimate relationships with those around us. The goal of the workshop was learning to listen with attentive silence—so others could begin to hear the wisdom coming from their own inner teacher, or ”soul”. As Parker Palmer […]

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