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Awakening Our Collective Human Consciousness: The Danger Of Rigid Ideological Beliefs In Washington – Insights From The Wilderness (#279)

Rigid ideological beliefs are dangerous. They create arrogance, ignorance, polarization and conflict. We are facing a Constitutional crisis. A crisis that threatens to undo the Constitutional checks and balances that have protected our country for over two hundred years. We are rapidly moving away from American Democracy. The theme of this article will continue to […]

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Illusion of Separateness

Illusion of Separateness Creates Greed, Loneliness, Unhappiness – Insights from the Wilderness #254

In the early years as a psychotherapist helping people create happiness and successful relationships, I often wondered why so many people struggled with unhappiness, loneliness, depression, and even serious health issues caused by stress and anxiety. No matter how hard they worked in therapy, most clients couldn’t shake the feeling of stress or unhappiness. Even […]

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Be who you already are

Be Who You Already Are (#232)

  I know it sounds like a “duh”, but it’s true. The greatest challenge you will ever face in your life is learning to “be” who you already are. So what makes it so hard to accomplish that simple goal? Why do we spend so much of our lives pretending to be someone we’re not? […]

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