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Binary Thinking: America and Democracy Under Attack -#289

The primary threat to America, Democracy, and our future is not Trump. It isn’t the GOP. It’s not Congress. It’s not North Korea. The primary threat to our nation is the binary, one-sided, either/or, black and white inflammatory, extremist thinking designed to distract us. This either/or thinking is dumbing down the American public to the […]

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Taming The Primitive Ego: A Non-Religious Spiritual Path To Awakening, Compassion, And Kindness (#286)

As readers of the Stonyhill-Nuggets blog, you probably already know that I believe inflexible, rigid ideological beliefs, whether religious, political, or economic, are humanity’s most dangerous threats to the future of our planet… and the survival of our species. More than any other human behavior, I am convinced that rigid ideological beliefs, coupled with the […]

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Time For A Revolution In Human Consciousness: Time To Grow Up As A Species – Insights From The Wilderness (#278)

In all the years that I’ve been writing the Stonyhill-Nugget newsletter, I have never experienced the volume of email that I now receive daily from folks who are frightened. Folks who are struggling with despair. Folks who feel insignificant and totally powerless in the face of overwhelmingly complex problems that threaten their future and life […]

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Secrets Of A Successful Life – A Mental Health Therapist & Life Coach Perspective – Insights From The Wilderness (#277)

The top four reasons that people contracted with me as a mental health therapist and life coach were the desire for happiness, the desire to be successful, wanting to improve their relationships with others, and the desire to create a more meaningful (spiritually grounded) life. In each case, the underlying feelings that brought them into […]

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