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Awakening Our Collective Human Consciousness: The Danger Of Rigid Ideological Beliefs In Washington – Insights From The Wilderness (#279)

Rigid ideological beliefs are dangerous. They create arrogance, ignorance, polarization and conflict. We are facing a Constitutional crisis. A crisis that threatens to undo the Constitutional checks and balances that have protected our country for over two hundred years. We are rapidly moving away from American Democracy. The theme of this article will continue to […]

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Inflexible Tribal Thinking Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction – Insights From The Wilderness (#275)

“>   Have you noticed we are living in an increasingly contentious, ideologically rigid world? There are few times in American history that match the levels of polarization, emotional angst, anger, stress, anxiety, and division we are witnessing today. We are divided over issues of gay marriage, Trump, abortion, healthcare, politics, religion, wealth inequality, the […]

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