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Inflexible Tribal Thinking Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction – Insights From The Wilderness (#275)

“>   Have you noticed we are living in an increasingly contentious, ideologically rigid world? There are few times in American history that match the levels of polarization, emotional angst, anger, stress, anxiety, and division we are witnessing today. We are divided over issues of gay marriage, Trump, abortion, healthcare, politics, religion, wealth inequality, the […]

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Illusion of Separateness

Illusion of Separateness Creates Greed, Loneliness, Unhappiness – Insights from the Wilderness #254

In the early years as a psychotherapist helping people create happiness and successful relationships, I often wondered why so many people struggled with unhappiness, loneliness, depression, and even serious health issues caused by stress and anxiety. No matter how hard they worked in therapy, most clients couldn’t shake the feeling of stress or unhappiness. Even […]

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