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I Fight For My Values. I Believe In A Sustainable World, Radical Simplicity, Powering Down From Petroleum And Renewable Green Energy (#292)

If you agree with the title of this article you know in your heart things have to change. You fight for your values. You believe in a sustainable world, radical simplicity, powering down from petroleum and renewable green energy. Global warming and global climate change have you worried. Washington’s intransigent GOP conservative denial of global […]

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Big Change is Coming and Surviving Those Changes Will Require Down Sizing…Everything – #290

Big changes are coming and surviving those changes will require downsizing……everything. We are living in a time of major global transition, and the challenges that are coming will continue to intensify until we: get serious about “powering down” from petroleum energy and getting carbon emissions under control, have less doubt and denial about scientific findings, […]

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