Compassion – Seeing The World Through Middlepath Consciousness – Insights from the Wilderness #93

CompassionI recently had someone tell me that unconditional love and compassion wasn’t a goal that humans could realistically achieve. He thought all we could do is work towards that kind of love. He said that a middlepath consciousness that seeks the truth on both sides of every issue was too “Star Treky”.

How would you answer that question? Do you think it’s possible for a human being to love unconditionally? To unconditionally love friends and enemies alike? No reservations?

I believe unconditional love and compassion is possible. It’s possible and achievable because over the centuries many of the great saints and spiritual teachers practiced unconditional love. It may not be common, but it is possible. In fact, I’m convinced that creating healthy relationships and achieving true happiness in life both require learning to love unconditionally.

Mother Teresa was a normal human being. What was the quality that allowed her to so fully embrace gratitude and love so unconditionally for more than 45 years? It wasn’t religious faith because she said that she struggled with her religious faith for many years.

So what is keeping all but a handful of us from achieving that kind of gratitude, love, and compassion for one another? What are we missing? What don’t we understand?

If we can answer that question perhaps we can avoid in the 21st century what human beings easily achieved in the 20th century —- the deaths of over 100 million human beings at the hands of other human beings.

The answer is so simple, so obvious, and so subtle; we completely missed what most of the great spiritual teachers have been trying to teach us for over 3500 years. I believe Mother Teresa and those like her understood that compassion and unconditional love is not about religious beliefs, it is about changing the way they “see” the world.

It’s about seeing the oneness, unity, and the interconnectedness of all creation.

For tens of thousands of years humanity has been struggling to evolve its consciousness beyond the superstitious, magical thinking, primitive ego consciousness of childhood. As far back as we can travel in recorded history, we have insisted on using a dualistic, either-or, good or bad, right or wrong, black-and-white childhood thinking process; a primitive thinking process that attempts to break everything in creation, and every person whether living or dead, into these judgmental categories and labels.

The great spiritual teachers have been telling us that peace, happiness, forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love cannot be achieved or sustained by this dualistic, judgmental ego driven mind that breaks our world into tiny, unconnected pieces of reality.

21st century scientists are now adding their voices to those of our ancient spiritual teachers and teaching that creation is one inter-connected unity that began as pure hydrogen. Hydrogen that was converted inside of giant stars into stardust!

You and I are stardust that evolved into consciousness, classical music, and an understanding of quantum physics. We are all one interconnected conscious human family through which the universe is now becoming conscious of itself.

Modern science is teaching us that we don’t live on the earth; we were created by the earth. And those same scientists are warning that the survival of our species is entirely dependent on the survival of our planet and its complex interconnected systems that birthed us and now continues to sustain us.

In other words, we are an inter-connected part of this evolving, living, and conscious universe; a universe in which the spirit of the Creator, the Divine Evolutionary Impulse to Become, is immanent in and driving all of creation.

To think or believe in the 21st century that you and I are separate, isolated, totally independent, autonomous beings is the thinking of a frightened, anxious, childhood ego, not the evolved, adult, rational thinking process of a modern consciousness.

The inability of our species to accept the realities of unity consciousness and systemic thinking, and our denial of the dangers and violence inherent in primitive dualistic thinking, no longer makes sense to me.

In fact, I’m convinced the future survivability of both our species, and our planet, will be determined by our ability to embrace the common good and our ability to accept the obvious reality that all of creation is interconnected. The reality that when we harm anything in creation, we harm ourselves.

Every decision, every choice, and all of our acts affect the collective energy of everything around us. As we grow in self-awareness and our ability to embrace reality, we contribute to the transformation of the world. We make it possible for others to become more self-aware and become part of the evolutionary transformation the world is struggling to achieve.

The kind of energy we choose to manifest in every thought and behavior is always a choice, and our personal energy, whether life giving or violent, reaches out and interacts with the energy and information of others.

It’s time we began to awaken our children and teach them early in their educational process that either-or thinking was helpful in early childhood, but if they continue to think dualistically, their judgmentalism will not create the healing and positive energy so badly needed to successfully create a compassionate, caring, and just world. Their use of dualistic thinking will only create conflict, pain, and violence in the world and in their relationships with those around them.

To Summarize

Forgiveness and the ability to offer mutuality, empathy and unconditional love are all born in the ability to “see” the world through non-dualistic, non-polarity eyes.

You don’t have to take my word for this, just awaken your consciousness. Open your eyes to the reality that all of the unhappiness, criticism, pain, and conflict in our world has been created by our individual and collective ego’s unconscious use of judgmental dualistic thinking.

When you awaken, you will see this simple reality for yourself, and your “awakeness” will create an unconditional love capable of changing the world.

When enough of us learn to drop our inflexible ego “beliefs” and begin to “see” our spirit’s inter-connection with the oneness of all reality, our collective spirituality will begin to co-create that which is possible; to co-create through the light of unconditional love that which has not yet been created.

When enough of us have transformed our consciousness and awakened our ability to “see” these simple realities it will mark the birth of a new level of consciousness for our species; an evolutionary awakening in human consciousness that will enable us to begin working collectively for the common good, rather than the good of our own primitive ego.

This transformation to compassion will reflect the awakening of a collective middlepath consciousness for our human species.

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3 Responses to Compassion – Seeing The World Through Middlepath Consciousness – Insights from the Wilderness #93

  1. Linda April 21, 2012 at 11:04 pm #

    Hi Dick,

    Yes I do believe we can love unconditionally eg…I can ‘feel’ unconditional love, and yet an ‘unconditional relationships’ would not feel healthy nor desirable to me if I did not set healthy boundaries and limits when appropriately needed. I have read a few books about Mother Theresa, and did not feel her love was unconditional, and sadly was somewhat masochistic, although it does not detract from her service to humanity. I guess in a way it showed her as a flawed human being and less than perfect, which in a way seems less idealistic.


    • DickRauscher April 26, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

      Hi Linda…..I agree with your comments. We always need to set healthy self-boundaries. Your comments on Mother Theresa are interesting. It’s hard to know if she was a bit masochistic, or simply a person who made a commitment and then followed through on the commitment regardless of her current feelings. I like to think it was the latter. I also believe, as I pointed out in the article, unconditional love requires a deep self-awareness for our “unconditional love” to be sustained.
      Dick Rauscher

      • Linda April 27, 2012 at 4:35 pm #

        Hi Dick,

        Yes of course it is ‘hard to know’ for sure if she was a bit masochisic, and I truly do not wish to be absolute in such matters…lol…if you know what I mean?

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