Create Your Own Future – Insights from the Wilderness #51

Click here to listen to Dick read this NuggetIt’s a rare person that doesn’t dream about changing their life and making it better.

Unfortunately, few people actually make the changes necessary to create the future they are dreaming about

Create Your Own FutureAre you stuck in the dreaming stage, or are you a person that takes action?

If you answered “action”, there are three important steps that you will need to create your own future.

We all dream about the person we would “like” to become, the life we would “like” to be living “if only” we had more money, or more education. “If only…….”
The “if only” list is what keeps most of us from living out our dreams.

It’s been said that the greatest regret in a person’s life is the recognition that they never really tried to make their dreams come true. As one person reported, they changed the strings on their guitar almost daily, but they never actually learned how to make music.”

To avoid this kind of regret, we need to remind our-“self” that this is “our” one and only shot at this thing called life.

We need to stop living our life as if we have another “life” safely stashed away in a bank security box somewhere.

If we want to take control of our life, and create the future we are dreaming about, then we need to understand, and then implement, three important steps that give us access to those two simple words called “our future”.

Three Important Steps Needed to Create Your Own Future

Step #1: Our future is not pre-determined or cast in concrete. The word “future” is never “the” future. “Future” is simply a word that points to an infinite number of “possible” futures.
Every choice we make, and every choice we fail to make, has the power to change the path our life will take as we move into “our future”.

The most important question each of us will ever ask ourselves is “what decisions and actions do I need to take “today”, to create the future I want to live “tomorrow”?

Opportunity and good luck both require preparation, careful planning, and the courage to take action. Without adequate preparation, planning, and action, we will not be ready to recognize, or embrace the opportunities and “good luck” that we will encounter on our life journey.

Good luck is always the reward of careful planning and the courage to take action.

Step #2: We are all taught negative messages and things about ourselves that limit our dreams. “You are not smart enough”. “You are lazy”. “You are not being realistic”. “Get your head out of the clouds”. “Get real”.

We are all like the elephant that got tied to a small stake early in life. No matter how hard that little elephant tried to break free, it couldn’t escape from the stake. Over time, the elephant lost hope and stopped trying to break free. For the rest of it’s life a very small stake in the ground was all it took to keep the elephant from experiencing the freedom it dreamed about.

Until we examine and challenge the childhood messages and beliefs that unconsciously limit our ability to roll up our sleeves and create the future we are dreaming about, that future will forever remain a dream that lives just beyond our grasp.

Step #3: We all have two parts to our basic nature. The part that has big dreams and hungers to bring those wonderful dreams to life. The creative part of us that yearns to “become” all we can become.
But there is also a part of each of us that doesn’t like change.

A part of us that believes dreams are frightening because they require us to grow and change how we think. Dreams call us to take risks and move beyond the security and safety of the world we have created for ourselves.

We call this part of us the unconscious primitive ego of our inner-child. This young part of our ego is frozen in the past and because its primary objective is to keep us safe, our primitive ego actively and aggressively resists change of any kind.

To grow and bring our dreams to life, we need to a) remind ourselves that “both” of these powerful forces dwell in the psyche of each of us, and b) know the simple truth that we can only change or transform those parts of ourselves that we know about and understand.

Until we have become intentionally self-aware of these two parts of our basic nature, our primitive ego will unconsciously undermine our dreams through procrastination, the fear of failure, and even the fear of success.

We can all make our dreams come true.

We can all make a difference in the world.

The questions we need to ask ourselves are simple………..

  • What difference do “I” want to make in the world?
  • What are “my” dreams?
  • Who do “I” want to become?
  • What “if only” is stopping “me”?
  • Why did “my” soul come here?
  • What is it that “I” and only “I” can offer the world?

The evolutionary process, the Divine Impulse to “become” embedded in the very fabric of creation, has used the simple concept of change to create our entire universe.

If we can dream it, we can create it.

But until we acknowledge its presence in our own psyche, the primitive ego our inner-child will stubbornly continue to use fear, and “if only” excuses to keep most of us from participating in this amazing evolutionary process.

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