Danger of Conservative Politics – Insights from the Wilderness #39

Danger of Conservative PoliticsI am not a conspiracy hound, but I do believe that the continued use of primitive ego thinking in our nation’s political system is a very dangerous thought process to use as America struggles to become part of a healthy and viable global culture.

An excellent wake up article was recently published by George Lakoff in the Huffington Post titled “What Conservatives Really Want” in which he talks about the decline in moral and ethical values currently happening in our American political process.

This article caught my attention because it describes in a very clear way what happens when we allow people in power to continue using a primitive ego thinking process that promotes the questionable values and ethics of a “me” first, don’t worry about the future, survival of the fittest mentality.

Through financial deregulation, and a philosophy of work for yourself, and a don’t worry about the poor because they brought it on themselves attitude, they have created a nation in which the wealthiest 1% of the country controls more assets than 95% of the rest of the country.

This extreme accumulation of wealth gives the wealthy not only nearly total control of our political process, but also the opportunity and power to create even more wealth. While this accumulation of wealth has been happening over the last thirty to forty years, the middle class wages of this nation have been flat.

The once powerful middle class of our country is rapidly sliding into poverty.

It is not the “fault” of the conservative Republican party. It is simply what happens when any nation allows its political leaders to accumulate too much power through the use of a pre-modern, primitive ego thinking process common in earlier, more primitive human cultures

We see this extreme imbalance, between the wealthy 1% and the hope destroying poverty of the general population, in virtually all of the middle-eastern countries currently experiencing uprisings and violent protests. The people in these countries are simply demanding their ethical and moral right to freedom, and access to the jobs and opportunity they need to create quality in their own lives.

We see this same desire for justice and the right to determine their own future in the public protests currently going on in Wisconsin.

The extreme discrepancy between the wealthy and the poor is arguably one of the most dangerous and powerful destabilizing forces that threaten the viability, freedoms, and security of any nation… and that includes our own.

We are a democratic country that values a civilized ethical and moral code of empathy, care for the poor, and equality of opportunity…the freedom and opportunity of every citizen to determine their own future and access the resources needed to be successful.

But we have lost our balance.

As I point out often in the Stonyhill Nuggets, there is truth on both sides of every issue. It’s time we awaken to what is happening in our country. It’s time we reaffirm a higher level of consciousness and bring a sense of balance back into our political process. Allowing the “me” first, primitive ego consciousness of our collective inner-child uncontrolled permission to run our country is a sure formula for the continued decline of our nation.

Deregulation of our financial systems only rewards the wealthy. Cutting vital public services rewards the wealthy. Increasing taxes on the middleclass, and protecting tax cuts previously offered to the wealthy, both reward the wealthy.

Because there is truth on both sides of every issue, it’s time we begin to value and support the truths  found on both sides of our countries political and economic systems……to find a more balanced middlepath between the conservative Republican ideologies and the more liberal Democratic ideologies. The food fight going on in Washington is not only a disgrace for our country; it is downright dangerous for our future.

We need a middlepath approach, a 21st century middlepath spirituality that re-establishes and re-affirms the values that better define the soul and heart of our nation… a healthier balance between the resources of the rich and the poor, and a more even playing field that allows all of our citizens access to the systems of wealth and power that define our country…. our educational systems, health care, and guaranteed full protection of all retirement funds earned through years of hard work.

I strongly encourage you to read George Lakoff’s important article. He articulates the issue very clearly.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/george-lakoff/what-conservatives-really_b_825504.html

In the meantime, keep reading the Stonyhill Nuggets. We believe that awakening and evolving our primitive ego consciousness is an important goal for all of us if we are to achieve the badly needed conscious evolution of our human psyche.

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2 Responses to Danger of Conservative Politics – Insights from the Wilderness #39

  1. Dick Rauscher April 12, 2011 at 3:56 pm #

    I not sure where you read that my name is Dude, it’s Dick Rauscher.
    I have to respectfully disagree with your position on the subject you are discussing in your comment.
    I agree that the wealthy should be allowed to earn their wealth and they should be able to keep the efforts of their hard work.
    What I do not agree with is the concept of trickle down economics….I do not see any evidence that the money of the wealthy is “trickling” down to the poor or the middle class. We live in a democracy and everyone is responsible to pay taxes on their profits. To tax the poor and middle class and continue to give tax breaks to the super-wealthy is not only un-ethical, it absolves them of the responsibility of paying their fair share of the costs of running the country that gave them the opportunity to make their fortunes.
    The more you make, the higher your taxes should be percentage wise.
    The other point I disagree with in your analysis, is the idea that all of the poor are poor because they made bad choices. Some times people are poor because of lack of opportunity for education, some times they are poor because of unemployment, illness, accidents, mental health issues, natural disasters,….and sometimes it’s simply because they were born poor and find themselves trapped in a level of poverty that offer little or no way to break out of it.
    In an ethical, moral, and civilized society those of us who are more privileged need to be willing to reach out and give a helping hand to those in need.
    I’m sorry that you feel so angry about this issue.
    As I tried to point out in the article, there is always truth on both side of any issue. In a civilized culture, it is our responsibility to search for that truth and then respond appropriately. I call that a middlepath consciousness.
    I do not believe that everyone “deserves” to be supported by public money, but I do believe that the poor in our country deserve our support and respect. There are times in all of our lives that we have needed a helping hand of one sort or another.
    No man, or woman, is an island. None of us can live totally on our own. We are all interconnected with one another.
    We must all choose the ethics we want to live by and be known by……individually, and as a nation.

  2. AlisaLea April 10, 2011 at 1:24 pm #


    It’s the wealthy who create jobs. I say, let them keep there own money. It does not belong to other people. No one has the right to another’s property.

    If we steal from the producers, they will . . . um . . . stop producing. And that means no jobs. Not everyone is equipped or motivated to start businesses. If we punish those who do, then we all suffer. After all, it takes great risk to start a business. If there are not great rewards, then why bother?

    As for ethics, there is a little ole Commandment that says, “Thou shall not steal.” A vote in Congress does not over ride God.

    As for the weak and poor, there are charities that one can go to. And I’m sorry, but if you don’t save your own money for a rainy day, that’s not some one else’s fault.

    These guilt trips are not going to work anymore. We are tired of working our ASSES OFF to pay for other people’s mistakes.

    If you feel so guilty, use your own money. Stop stealing other’s money they patting yourselves on the back as if you have done something good.

    Alisa Lea Gossage

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