Awakening Our Collective Human Consciousness: The Danger Of Rigid Ideological Beliefs In Washington – Insights From The Wilderness (#279)

Rigid ideological beliefs are dangerous. They create arrogance, ignorance, polarization and conflict. We are facing a Constitutional crisis. A crisis that threatens to undo the Constitutional checks and balances that have protected our country for over two hundred years. We are rapidly moving away from American Democracy.

The theme of this article will continue to dig deeper and build on the concept that we need a revolution in human consciousness. We need to awaken and grow up as a species. Growth in human consciousness is critically needed in a large majority of our voters and many of our elected representatives in Washington.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what a sustainable long-term growth in human consciousness looks like, and how we can achieve it.


Danger Of Rigid Ideological Beliefs In Washington

We have a President who clearly views the rule of law with disdain. His never-ending need for attention and adoration is overpowering; his insecurity unlimited. The erratic, impulsive, thinly veiled irrational anger he has been lashing out at critics, the press, and those who disagree with him is creating chaos and confusion in Washington; what some are calling a national nightmare of ethical dilemmas.

His behavior is raising some important questions. For example:

Question: What do you do when the President of the most powerful nation in the history of humanity appears to have a serious mental illness?

Question: What do you do if, or when, there is a global crisis that needs to be dealt with while you are trying to figure out the answer to the first question?

Question: What do you do when Congress is effectively deadlocked by rigid, unbending ideological beliefs that are shutting down our government’s ability to exercise effective Constitutional checks and balances on the abuse of power happening in the Whitehouse… while your attempting to wrestle with the first two questions?

These are all critical questions, but the behavior of our President is not the major problem in Washington. The need to be “right” is!

The critical problem in Washington is the arrogant need of so many members of Congress to be absolutely “right” in their ideological, political beliefs.

 We’ve become a radically polarized nation of people and politicians who are arrogantly contemptuous of anyone who disagrees with us. We no longer dialogue. We no longer have the ability to compromise. And the growing conflict and anger we are creating in our nation through this polarization are rapidly becoming dangerous.

When we need to be “right” we not only increase our ignorance by failing to search for the truths on both sides of the issue, we are unconsciously reflecting the self-focused, narcissistic arrogance of our childhood primitive ego. We are ignoring the reality that no-one is smart enough to be right all the time. And conversely, no-one is smart enough to be wrong all the time. Period. In other words, there is always truth on both sides of every issue.

We Urgently Need A Revolution In Our Collective Human Consciousness

We must awaken and become more aware of the arrogant energy and conflict we are sending into the world when our childhood primitive ego’s need to be “right” is unconsciously running the show. Taming the childhood conditioning of our primitive ego, or what I like to call our inner green dragon, simply means waking up and learning to pay attention to the arrogant energy we are unconsciously sending into the world every time we insist on being “right”.

Primitive Ego Definition

When we insist on the need to be “right”, it shuts down our ability to offer compassion, empathy, and respect to those who disagree with us. Unfortunately, far too many of our representatives in Washington are using this immature five-year-old need to be “right” thinking process when attempting to run our government. As a result, compassion and empathy for the people who sent them to Washington are not on their radar. They are clearly focused on supporting and promoting their own ideologically rigid beliefs… regardless of the consequences of those rigid beliefs on the very people who sent them to Washington.

Politicians that continue to insist that they are “right” need to be quickly removed from public office. They are far too immature and arrogant to be holding public office. And I am not just talking about the Republican GOP and Tea Party ultra-conservatives. I am talking about the rigid black-and-white ideological thinkers on both sides of the aisle. Whether Republican or Democratic, rigid ideological thinking is a form of arrogance and ignorance that needs to be removed from our political system. Far too many of our politicians have forgotten the needs and concerns of the people who sent them to Washington.

Healthcare is a good example. I have to wonder how many congressmen and women in the GOP voted for the recent House health care reform bill that would harm so many Americans… simply because they were bullied or threatened by the White House? If so, they elected to protect their own interests and their job. They chose to focus on “what’s in it for me” and not on the needs and concerns of the people who sent them to Congress! Those that voted to protect themselves, and they know who they are, gave up their integrity and their moral “authority” to represent the voters that sent them to Washington.

“We the people” need to remind all of our elected representatives that “we the people” sent them to Washington to represent “us”, not their own personal ideological beliefs or careers! It’s time for politicians who need to be “right” to grow up… or know that they will be quickly replaced by those with a more evolved and awakened adult consciousness!

We need to remind our politicians in Congress and Washington that they are not royalty! They are just everyday average Americans. They should be subject to the exact same healthcare system that is available to the average American citizen.

Death is a pre-existing condition. We are all human. Our final destination is the cemetery. If healthcare does not adequately care for us as we age and enter retirement, the chances are very high that the lifetime savings that we’ve put away for a meaningful and secure retirement could be gone in an instant the day we find ourselves dealing with a serious family medical issue. We need to continually remind ourselves that compassion and empathy will come from Washington only when we voters insist on it.

The Need To Intentionally Awaken Our Human Consciousness

Intentional growth in self-awareness means intentionally taming the childhood conditioning of our primitive ego; our inner green dragon. It means having the courage to pay attention to the energy we are sending into the world; especially when that energy is dark, negative, or hurtful to others. It means having the courage and willingness to actively fight for light and compassion for all people. And most important, taming our childhood primitive ego means letting go of our never-ending-need to be “right”. Intentional growth in self-awareness means we know that only the light of compassion and empathy for all… has the power to overcome the growing darkness.

Giving into fear or anger is not an option. When politicians can create fear and anger in the “people”, we can be herded and controlled like sheep. We need to fight for our rights. We need to fight for our values. We need to fight for the common good of all people. We need to fight for a more awakened and evolved collective human consciousness.


Taming the primitive ego is simply

  • recognizing the arrogance embedded in our childhood primitive ego when it needs to be “right” or
  • when it assumes that it’s all about us and what’s in it for me… rather than us, and
  • whenever we assume that we are privileged, special, or separate from the rest of creation and the rest of humanity.

We’re not.

We’re all interconnected.

We are all just human beings struggling to survive and find happiness like everyone else.

The day we can offer this kind of compassion and empathy, and work for the common good of all living systems on our planet,…..that’s the day we will know that we have finally dropped our arrogant need to be “right” and achieved an awakened and evolved collective human consciousness.

Humanity is at a global tipping point. Until we have the courage to tame our unconscious childhood conditioning the global problems challenging us are going to quickly get worse. The polarization of rigid ideological colliding beliefs and the conflict those rigid beliefs create… will continue to grow, divide us from one another, and threaten the future survival of our species and our planet.

We need a revolution… an awakening in human consciousness. And we need it now.

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