Dealing With Grief On The Spiritual Path


Michael wrote: How do you find and grasp the silver lining of spiritual growth and awakening as you go through, and emerge from, the grief of the loss of a loved one or a dream……?


Dear Michael,

All spiritual growth and awakening simply require an unwavering commitment to living life grounded in reality.

Loss is a part of reality because nothing in reality is fixed or unchanging. And when we lose a loved one or a dream that has provided us with hope and love, we will experience grief. Grief is normal and healing. It does not mean you have lost your way on the spiritual path.

In my years in private practice the only time I worried about a client that had experienced a major loss was when they tried to deny the reality or impact of the loss. I always encouraged clients to give into the tears and continue talking about the loss until they didn’t need to talk any longer.

But I always affirmed the simple reality that the day would come when their hearts would sing again. The human spirit is such that we always heal and move on to new beginnings and new hope.

Hanging onto hope is why friends are so important. They are the ones who support us through grief and give us permission to heal.

They are the ones who listen without trying to offer advice. They just listen to our pain and sit with us until the darkness lifts.

We are always on the spiritual path and friends are the people who remind us of that reality while we do the work of healing….in their presence.

No one experiences the joy of love and dreams without eventually experiencing the pain of loss and grief. That is why living in the moment and celebrating the joys that love and dreams bring into our lives is so important.

The Buddhist monks remind us to enjoy the cup that we drink from, because it is already broken……just enjoy the cup until that moment arrives.

I hope you are surrounded by good friends.


Dick Rauscher

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