Deeper Meaning Of Life When The Goal Is Becoming – Insights from the Wilderness #183

Deeper Meaning Of LifeI grew up reading every science fiction book I could get my hands on. I had to read with a flashlight under the covers at night because the light from my bedroom window would shine on the house next door and alert my parents to the fact that I was still awake reading—-not sleeping.

The idea of growth in human consciousness, and the extraordinary potential of the human mind, has always intrigued me. It has been my passion and life purpose for most of my life. Science fiction writers taught me an important life altering reality——when we have the courage to awaken our consciousness we can change the way we think; and changing the way we think can change not only our life; it can change world.

They taught me that the human mind has the amazing ability to create whatever we can imagine. The self-reflective conscious within of each of us gives us the power to intentionally and consciously choose the future that we want to create. More than any other, that concept has shaped my life. If I could imagine what I wanted to do with my life, I could “become” that person.

As I grew, I came to understand that the spirit of the self-reflective consciousness that created our universe; what we refer to as the evolutionary impulse to “become”, is immanent in every aspect of creation. Than means everything in our created universe is in the process of changing, evolving, and becoming; including each of us. And because our human self-reflective consciousness is the same pure consciousness that created our universe, it means we all have the ability to create the life that we have dreamed about living.

The evolutionary impulse to “become” resides in the heart and soul of our authentic self and drives the yearning that we experience to “become”, to evolve, and to grow. It’s the evolutionary energy that keeps us moving forward, reaching for the stars, and creating our homes and families. It’s the urgency we feel to begin living our life purpose and turning our dreams into reality; the urge to create that which has never existed.

Learning To Quiet Our Primitive Ego

The quiet urgings to “become” that come to our consciousness from our essence, or the heart of our authentic self, are easily lost in the noise of a busy life. Listening to the subtle voice of our authentic self requires a level of listening that comes to us only when we are comfortable siting with silence; when we are fully alive to the present moment.

Unfortunately, our unawakened primitive ego consciousness tends to be uncomfortable with silence and self-reflection. It much prefers to stay busy chasing shiny objects, maintaining the status quo of our day-to-day lives, and endlessly thinking about this and that. Status quo represents safety to our primitive ego, and change creates fear. As a result, our primitive ego imprisons us in the status quo of the life we lived yesterday——even when we are not happy with that life.

Until we awaken to the reality that our safety-seeking primitive ego is unconsciously controlling our life, the unlimited possibilities that life is offering us will go unheard. The life we were meant to live will forever remain just beyond our reach. We will continue to live out our days an unconscious prisoner of the never-ending safety-seeking routines that deny us the opportunity to evolve and grow—–to become the person we were born to become.

The Power Of An Awakened Mind

Only an awakened consciousness has the power to reveal the deeper meaning of our life. Only an awakened consciousness has the ability to consciously and intentionally choose the pursuit of novelty; the desire to manifest that which is possible. Creative people are driven by the evolutionary impulse to “become”. They see life as an adventure of infinite possibilities. They live in the future, not the past. They seek novelty, not security.

If we choose an awakened consciousness, we will need to journey inward; to become more aware of our unawakened primitive ego and the childhood conditioning of our inner-child psyche; that part of our psyche that wants to keep our world small and secure.


Every new day offers us the ability to change the way we think; to embrace new possibilities for our life. If we want to live a more meaningful life, we need to reach out to novelty, to the dreams and possibilities that we have envisioned in our minds, and embrace the courage to actively seek the uncertainty that comes from those choices that will take us into the unknown.

When we have the courage to awaken our consciousness we can change the way we think——-and changing the way we think can change not only our life; it can change world.

So we have a simple choice to make. Would we rather live an awakened, self-aware, creative life filled with meaning, choices, change, and the unknown; a life that actively creates the future—–or are we going to continue living the unawakened, unchanging life that we lived yesterday?

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