Denial Of Reality Creates Suffering – Insights from the Wilderness #175



Denial Of Reality Creates Suffering

There are few things in life that our primitive ego rejects more than a reality that makes us uncomfortable—–or the reality of change. Stated simply, our primitive ego does not like change, and paradoxically it does not the suffering that happens when we resist the reality that everything in the created universe is in the process of evolving, becoming, and changing.

When our primitive ego tries to avoid change, it means we have to bring the entire universe to a halt. Talk about a big problem! When our primitive ego tries to avoid suffering, it blinds us to much of the world around us. We have to create and maintain the illusion that we live in a just and peaceful world. Another big problem!

Reality is the way things actually are—-not what you and I would like them to be. In fact, if our goal is creating compassion and loving kindness in the world, we have to learn to not only embrace the reality of change, we also have to be willing to engage with that reality and use change to reduce the conditions that create suffering.

When reality conflicts with our beliefs and illusions about how the world should be, our primitive ego will attempt to distort reality. When we seek to distort reality we will not only bring pain and suffering into our own lives——the suffering of others will become invisible to us.

Let’s look at a current example that is confronting our human culture. Even though we live in the most scientifically literate culture in human history, and even though every credible scientist in the world is warning us about the dangers of global warming, global climate change is currently rejected by more than fifty percent of the American public because it would negatively impact our standard of living. We tell ourselves that global climate change is a natural event that we have no control over——so it’s OK to ignore the warnings.

Our primitive ego has a very short vision when it comes to time. So we comfortably tell ourselves that even if global climate change is true, and we are creating it, we don’t have to worry about it because it won’t impact our lives. Even the scientists are telling us that the consequences of global warming won’t happen for decades. When our collective primitive ego denies the reality of global warming, it clearly reflects the indifference of our generation regarding the consequences of our choices on future generations.

The indifference of our generation is a form of evil that our collective primitive ego would rather not have to think about.

The denial and distortion of reality is the normal human response of an unawakened consciousness—-a response that always creates pain and suffering for both ourselves, and those around us. When we deny reality, we unconsciously give our primitive ego control over our compassionate heart energy—–the compassionate heart energy of our true authentic self.

When we are functioning out of an awakened consciousness that fully embraces reality, the essence of the human spirit is unconditionally kind and compassionate. If we could awaken our consciousness, and increase our awareness when our primitive ego is unconsciously denying reality, we could eliminate much of the current and future suffering we are creating in the world.

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