Entitlement or Gratitude – Insights from the Wilderness #170



Entitlement or GratitudeLife Offers Us Two Important Choices: The Path Of Entitlement And The Path Of Gratitude

Do you feel that you deserve to get what you want from life? Another way to ask that question is do you feel entitled to fresh water, food, a roof over your head, gas for your car, a good retirement, the right to be happy, the right to receive a good education, a good salary because you have a college degree, a good job because you are a hard worker, or a long healthy life because you eat good food and get plenty of exercise?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may be setting yourself up for failure and unhappiness in several ways. For example, when we feel entitled to receive or get something we want, we tend to give into immediate gratification—–and immediate gratification is the primary creator of debt in our lives.

When we feel entitled to get something, our primitive ego tends to feel as if we are owed that thing. When we feel the world owes us something, we quietly and unconsciously enter into an emotional mental place called powerless victim. We begin to wrap ourselves in a warm cozy blanket called passive waiting; passively waiting for the world to deliver what we believe we are entitled to receive.

And most importantly, the feeling of entitlement gives us permission to take what ever we want from the world even when our behaviors create pain and suffering for those around us—-or the planet we live on. We are convinced that we are entitled to whatever we want just because we want it. We get angry, frustrated, and upset when the universe says no to us.

Because we are unconsciously working out of the belief that others feel the same sense of entitlement that we do, we believe that the success and happiness we are entitled to will come quicker if we embrace a “survival of the fittest” mentality. We lose our ability to embrace mutuality. Our primitive ego becomes convinced we can get what we’re entitled to—–only if we are willing to struggle and fight for what we want.

We oscillate back and forth between the frustrations of passive waiting and aggressively fighting for what we feel we are entitled to receive. And then we wonder why we feel so powerless and why life feels so stressful. The best way out of this disempowering entitlement worldview is to ask ourselves three simple questions. Where is it written that the universe should give us what we want just because we want it? Who wrote that rule? And where did that belief come from?

If we are honest with ourselves when answering those three questions life will offer us another choice—–another path to journey on. A path that encourages us to embrace gratitude for what we have while we are working for those things we would like to have included in our life. Gratitude is comfortable with delayed gratification and the avoidance of debt. Gratitude creates a sense of compassion for those around us, and the planet we live on. Gratitude is more concerned with adding value to the lives of others. And most of all, gratitude takes all of the self-created stress and struggle of entitlement out of our life.

Hard work does not create stress. Stress is directly related to the sense of powerlessness we have when we are passively waiting for the world to deliver all those things we feel we are entitled to receive——simply because we want them. We may not get everything we work hard for on the path of gratitude, but when we feel grateful for what we already have, we will find ourselves living a happy and stress free life——-the very feelings we used to feel we were entitled to have.

What are you grateful for? Comment below.

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