Evolution of Human Consciousness – Insights from the Wilderness #112

Evolution of Human Consciousness

The Evolution of Human Consciousness Will Require Wisdom Found On Two Very Different Paths

If your goal is to grow and develop your full potential as a human being, there are two basic paths that you will need to choose for your journey through life. The first path will take you externally into the outer world of knowledge. It is a path of ego, prestige, security, and financial success. The second path will lead you into the unconscious depths of your shadow psyche; a path of self-knowledge, insight, and wisdom.

Both paths are important, and both paths will help you grow, but only the second path will awaken you to authentic spiritual growth and the enlightened wisdom of a fully developed, self-aware, human consciousness.

Only the second path will lead to spiritual depth and a meaningful life.

The External Path

This is the primary path taken by the majority of people in our modern culture. It is the path of knowledge, degrees, certifications, and the learning of new skills; a path of financial success, prestige, recognition, and wealth. The further a person travels down this path, the greater will be their potential for success. The greater a person’s focus and perseverance, the more likely they are to achieve the life goals they have chosen.

The external path is a path of commitment, hard work, perseverance, and study. The success and value of your life will be measured by how successfully you have achieved the goals you set for yourself——–but it is important to remember that your goals on the external path are typically goals that our culture deems valuable.

The Internal Path

The inner path is a journey toward an awakened and enlightened human consciousness. It is a path far less valued in our modern culture, and like the external path, the inner path will also require hard work, perseverance and a high level of commitment.

But unlike the challenges of the external path, the inner journey toward self-awareness will require an enormous amount of personal courage——because the inner path will take you into the darkest and most unconscious parts of your own psyche.

On the inner path you will learn to drop your ego beliefs and your resistance to reality. You will come to know that you are not a separate, independent being—–that you are connected with and dependent on “all” of creation. As you journey on the inner path you will learn the deep spiritual truth that you are not your ego beliefs—-the real you is pure observing consciousness.

On the inner path you will learn the reality that because all of creation began as pure hydrogen—-it means that all of creation is kin. We are all descended from hydrogen gas that evolved into galaxies and stars. All matter, all flowers, all living creatures, and consciousness itself were all evolved from stardust——-including classical music, space travel, and you and me.

Only on the inner path will you acquire the deeper spiritual insights that will give birth to a more compassionate human consciousness; an awakened consciousness that will enable the human species to work with the evolutionary process so-as-to co-create an enlightened future with the Spirit of the Creator—–the Divine Evolutionary Impulse To Become.

One of the greatest learning’s on the inner path is the discovery that the dualism of right and wrong, either/or thinking exists only within the human ego, and is the primary source of evil, conflict, and violence in the world.


Our world is in the early stages of a new planetary emergence; an emergence called the awakening of human consciousness.

We are awakening to the reality that:

  • both paths are necessary for the survival of our species and our planet
  • that our future will be determined by how quickly we awaken our human conscious
  • how quickly we learn to merge the knowledge of the outer path with the spiritual wisdom of the inner path
  • how quickly we can awaken to the reality that our planet is gasping for breath
  • that our planet is getting tired
  • that the human species is directly responsible for the extinction of an estimated 30,000 life forms a year. (Without human presence the estimated extinction rate on our planet would be one life form every five years.)

The future of our species and our planet will depend primarily on our willingness to travel on both paths—–and our ability to awaken to the realization that we have placed too much importance on the outer path, and too little importance on the inner path.

We are awakening to the reality that the future evolution of our species will depend not only on the accumulation of cognitive knowledge—–it will also require the evolution and awakening of our human consciousness.

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2 Responses to Evolution of Human Consciousness – Insights from the Wilderness #112

  1. Imkelina September 22, 2012 at 11:02 am #

    Hello Dick –

    I agree that the inner path is most important and I have been exploring my inner path for quite some time. It is an evolving process … other than using meditation, journaling, loving kindness …do you have specific steps to suggest for individuals just beginning on the inner path?
    namaste – Imkelina

    • Dick September 22, 2012 at 11:31 am #

      Hi Imkelina…..thanks for the comments. You and Michael live on the inner path more than any couple or individuals I know. What I encourage beginners to do is simply begin paying attention to the energy they are sending into the world, and paying attention to any negative feelings they have emotionally. Both of those are driven by what are usually unconscious belief, prejudices, assumptions, expectations, etc. So if we can learn to pay attention to them….including the beliefs etc that are creating them…..one can begin to intentionally awaken their consciousness.

      Thanks for the great question. We look forward to spending time with you and Michael on our way to Quartzsite this year.
      Take care

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