Example Of Spiritual Prayer

This post is in response to the post Danger of Religious Prayer vs Spiritual Prayer  that was posted previously. There were question about what a spiritual prayer might look like.

Here is an example of spiritual prayer that is inclusive rather than exclusive as many religious prayers seem to be.

Inclusive spiritual prayer

Heart of the Universe, you have given us the gift of story in our lives, ways of understanding who we are, ways of making sense of our world, of finding meaning and knowing how to respond to all that happens in our lives. May we come to know where our stories fall short or are too narrow, where they exclude rather than include, where they divide rather than unite. May we recognize the ways that our energy touches all that is, the ways our habits and words affect all the whole of which we are a part, and all the parts that make us whole. May we learn to live with our eyes wide open to the awe and wonder that surrounds us. Amen

Paraphrased from Judy Cannato’s book Field of Compassion: How the New Cosmology Is Transforming Spiritual Life

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