Experience Success and Happiness in Life – Insights from the Wilderness #131

Experience Success and Happiness in LifeThere is an old saying that says you can’t build your home on a shaky foundation. It’s also true that you can’t build a happy or successful life on a shaky foundation of primitive inner-child ego illusions and beliefs that reject or distort reality.

If we want to experience success and happiness in life we have to find the courage to awaken our consciousness from the sleeping, unconscious primitive ego of our inner-child psyche, and embrace the more evolved consciousness of our true, or authentic self.

That means we have to achieve two important goals. The first is becoming aware and conscious of beliefs that in any way distort or reject reality, and second is discovering our life purpose and our natural gifts so we can use them to add value to the lives of others, and become team players in this thing we call life.

Until we do, it’s almost certain that finding joy and happiness in life will be elusive—–at best.

The Awakened Self Requires A Stable “Self” Foundation

Who we “are”; our true authentic self, is not the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of either our unconscious primitive ego, or our unconscious adult ego. Who we “are” is pure observing consciousness; an inner “observer” within each of us that has the ability to direct our attention onto whatever we choose to observe.

When we are “awakened”, we are living through the “eyes” of our observing ego consciousness.

In other words, we have developed the ability to intentionally choose what we want to pay attention to——-what we want to “see”.

It means that we begin to “see” the inner-connection we have with all of reality. We “see” the “oneness” and inter-dependence we have with all of creation. We no longer embrace our primitive ego’s reality distorting, narcissistic belief, that we are a unique, separate “self”.

When we create new “forms” in the world as a co-creative “local” consciousness we “choose” to work “with” the Evolutionary Impulse to Become; the Spirit of the Initiating Consciousness that has been creating our universe since the moment of the Big Bang—–we strive for increased consciousness, increased complexity, and an increased ability to embrace cooperation. We strive to more intentionally manifest the full potential of who we were born to be, and the life we were meant to live.

We awaken to the reality that if we want to be successful in life, we need to add value to the lives of those around us.


An enlightened, awakened consciousness can survive only when it has been built on a strong, stable “self” foundation—–a sense of “self” that has been created through a process of deep and intentional self-awareness.

A sense of  “self” that values the wants of others and has the wisdom to help others achieve “their” goals.

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