Fear of Change – Insights from the Wilderness #54

Click here to listen to Dick read this NuggetIn the last few Stonyhill Nuggets we have been exploring the concept that “change” creates all things, surrounds us, and sustains our very existence. At the same time, most of the unhappiness that we experience in life is due to the simple reality that the primitive ego inside each of us is unable or willing to embrace change.

We avoid change because our primitive ego knows that change can be dangerous. Change moves us into unknown territory. Change creates fear.

Drawing on a quote from the famous 1940’s radio mystery show called “The Shadow” our primitive ego would say “who knows what dangers and evils lurk in the heart of the unknown…….our primitive ego would say it does and it would just as soon not go there!”

There is no question there are frightening changes and challenges coming in the next few years; changes that have the ability to impact all of our lives…personally, nationally and globally.

But all of those changes put together will have less impact on our lives than the fear itself. Fear shuts us down. It closes our minds and hearts. It causes us to obsess on the problems, not the creative solutions we need to work on.

The fear that the sky is falling quickly becomes the only thing we can focus on.

We are currently being confronted by so much change, so many challenges, it feels like our world is falling apart……the sky is falling!

Every time we turn on the news it’s like watching the very foundations of our nation and our American culture slowly crumbling away….the sky is falling.

The politicians we count on to fix these problems, and manage the challenges, are gridlocked…..behaving like overwhelmed, frightened children worried about the next election and hopelessly trapped in primitive, black-and-white, all-or-nothing thinking…..the sky is falling.

The concept of working together to cooperatively find creative and realistic solutions to the challenges that face our nation seems to be beyond their ability to comprehend.

They are behaving like powerless children whose only remaining option is threatening to “hold their breath and die” rather than risk reelection by giving up their rigid black-and-white ideological beliefs….the sky is falling!

But we need to remind ourselves…..it’s not just about our politicians in Washington. They are simply reflecting the same kind of emotionally reactive and primitive thinking that happens to each of us when we feel threatened or frightened.

We need to remind ourselves that fear based powerlessness, and aggressive black-and-white, all-or-nothing fear driven primitive ego thinking will never lead anyone to the creative solutions that we need to solve the personal, national, or global challenges that face us.

Fear and anxiety shut down cooperation, creativity, and compromise which of course only begins to breed more anxiety. We end up in a downward emotional spiral that can be very difficult to turn around.

Breaking out of fear and anxiety can be a challenge in a rapidly changing world.

If we listen to the doom and gloom reporting of the media, its no wonder so many Americans are feeling overwhelmed and frightened. Who in their right mind wants to contemplate the end of the world——-“as we know it”.

But wait……didn’t the world ——–“as we knew it” ——- change when we got the telephone? Or switched from horses to automobiles?

We forget that it was commonly believed in the early 1900’s that traveling more than 20 miles per hour in a train or automobile could lead to serious brain damage

Didn’t the world—— “as we knew it” ——- end when the transistor was invented? How about the birth of the computer? Or texting on a cell phone? Or the birth of the Internet?

Now, more than any time in recent history, we need to acknowledge and remind ourselves that our consciousness is comprised of more than just an emotionally reactive frightened primitive ego.

We also possess a more evolved, mature, enlightened, observing ego consciousness…….an adult consciousness that has the ability to work rationally and cooperatively with others when we need to find solutions for the problems that face us.

Our observing ego is the part of us that “knows” that change is not the end of the world —– “as we know it” ———change is simply change.

Our personal happiness, our sense of well-being, and the future of our nation will depend on how well we can manage our primitive ego fears in the face of change.

Think what the world would look like today if the primitive ego fear of brain damage had shut down the development of railroads and automobiles 100 years ago.

Whether we are talking about human beings or galaxies, change is simply the way the universe creates and evolves.

We need to embrace change and find the opportunities embedded in change; not fear it.

We need to remind ourselves that we are either choosing to move toward fear which shuts us down and leads us into a survival of the fittest level of consciousness, or we are choosing to move toward love, which opens up our ability to embrace change and increases our ability to manifest compassion.

Finding creative solutions to the problems that face us, and the many changes that are coming, will require an open heart and mind that allows us to grow, to learn, and to discover compassionate solutions that benefit our future generations and the future of our planet…..the ability to move toward love, not fear.

Dick Rauscher

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