Beware of Energy Vampires and Giraffes When Finding Your Life Purpose

There are two very important things to remember when you are struggling to find your life purpose and re-write your life story. And these two things tend to keep company with each other.

Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life PurposeFirst is beware of energy vampires. Whenever you are ready to reach for your dreams, or begin living your life purpose, you are essentially beginning to embrace change in your life.

The moment you do that you are going to threaten some of the people in your life….friends and family alike. If you are truly successful, you are going to threaten their sense of self-esteem. In other words, if you are successful, you will make them look less capable. The fear that this might happen will cause them to to subtly or overtly begin discouraging you.

They may say thing like “Are you being realistic?” “You could lose everything!” “Going back to school at your age is probably not a good idea”. They may avoid talking to you about your dreams or supporting you as you move toward becoming the person you want to become. Or they might begin to imply in subtle ways why you won’t be successful. Some may even go as far as ridiculing or making fun of your dream.

However they do it, they will react because you are threatening “their” self-identity. They will no longer be able to feel superior, or better than you, if you are successful. If you feel your energy dropping or if you begin to doubt yourself when you’re around these kind of people, trust your instincts…..there is a good chance that you are in the presence of an energy vampire.

Search out those friends and family that encourage you to “go for your dreams”. Avoid those who are not encouraging. They may not do anything overt…..but even silence can be a subtle way of discouraging you.

Finding Your Life Purpose

The second thing to remember when finding your life purpose is to never try to prove that you are not a giraffe. What I mean is when someone tells you your not enough of “something” to be successful, for example, you’re not smart enough, or you don’t have the personality to achieve your goals, never get into a discussion in which you try to prove them wrong. Never!

Even if they say you are a green giraffe with a short neck and purple dots painted all over you. If they are convinced that you are a giraffe, they will never believe differently. They will find a way to “prove” to you that you really are the above named giraffe.

If you attempt to defend yourself you will waste your time, your energy, and worst of all, you may begin to believe them because of their “certainty”.

Reaching for your dreams will take all the courage and energy that you have. Don’t waste it on energy vampires or people who are convinced you’re a giraffe.

Surround yourself with people who are encouraging, avoid those who aren’t, and then put your head down and start moving step by step toward your dreams.

And finally, be sure to write your dreams and goals down in careful detail on paper. Be specific. We all get tired and discouraged from time to time. If your dreams are written down you can always pull them out to remind yourself what you are striving to accomplish, and why it’s important to you!

Don’t be surprised, when you are successful, if many of the people who withheld their support and encouragement are the first to say they knew you could do it.

The ego has many ways to protect itself and maintain its self-esteem.

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