Formation of Our Inner-Child

Inner-ChildThe formation of our inner-child psyche, and its primitive ego, takes place throughout the first six or seven years of childhood. Our “inner-child” and its primitive ego represent all of the learning’s, and experiences of childhood——both the good and the bad.

Eventually the inner-child psyche reaches a point in its development that it is able to experience itself as a unique “self”, or as one seven year old child said “I’m the only “me” like “me” in the whole world”. At that moment of true “self” awareness, the birth of our “self” identity or primary sense of “self” is considered finished, and slides quietly into our unconscious.

Everything we know about love, relationships, trust, control, what is safe, what is unsafe, generosity, empathy, care, mutuality, our ability to attach to others, fears of abandonment, cooperation, all the wounds, all the trauma, all of our bent nickel beliefs, all our survival skills, etc. are now in the primitive ego of our unconsciousness inner-child. Our lifetime “operating system” is now in place.

A simple way to think about our primitive ego and our inner-child is to use the metaphor of an operating system in our computer. Everything we do or create on our computer is controlled by the operating system. The operating system is pretty much invisible, but without an operating system, our computer would not function.

The primitive ego of our inner-child is our unconscious operating system. We can pretend to function in the world as independent autonomous adults, but until our consciousness is awakened the primitive ego of our inner-child will be running our lives.

How has your primitive ego been running your life? Please comment below.

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