Growth in Consciousness & Self-Awareness

Growth in Consciousness & Self-AwarenessTaming the primitive ego is growth in consciousness and self-awareness. But this growth is actually a paradox. What I mean by that is on one hand we need to recognize the unhealthy isolation created by the survival of the fittest narcissism of our primitive ego and on the other hand we need to discover and celebrate our individual gifts, the things that make each of us unique…to discover our life purpose.  But our consciousness needs to evolve not for our own benefit, but for the benefit of our species …and the evolution of our collective consciousness.

We are not the end of the 14.7 billion year evolutionary story, we are only a species that has evolved a self-reflective consciousness in this tiny corner of the universe on a very tiny over-crowded planet. If we are to survive and continue our unfolding as a species, we will have to continue evolving…not biologically, but evolving our consciousness. Evolving biologically is far too slow for a species that has developed an advanced technology.

I believe that we must make the shift from too much focus on “I” to more focus on how our species is going to survive…together.

If we are to be successful in this transition to a higher species consciousness, we are going to have to bring each of our unique gifts together and begin building the social and political and spiritual and religious foundations that can support an integral vision of the future.

I am convinced that taming the narcissism of our primitive ego consciousness and letting go of black-and-white thinking is a critically important step in the process.

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