Hope, Faith & Charity

Three Sisters Hope, Faith & Charity

Today we are again fortunate to be able to offer to you the writing of our guest author Michael Blanco. Please visit his site to read more great articles. www.michaelcblanco.com

We currently know and often meet individuals who see hope, faith and charity as elusive beliefs or forces abruptly created by despair, sadness and turmoil. Is the desire for hope, the power of faith or the offering of charity exclusively available to only those individuals that are surrounded by joy, happiness and abundance? Does one reach out to “a higher power” only when one experiences fear, uncertainty, traumatic trials or tribulations?

I choose to believe that hope is the choice of our world…a world without war, hate, hunger, homelessness and pollution. Hope should begin from within, demonstrated throughout our own life as the mirror for all our brothers and sisters to witness and then breathed every moment to fuel change toward our world’s consciousness. Hope is not lost, what if or I wish. Hope is I believe, I trust, I know and I am. Hope is a certainty and never dies.

I choose to believe that faith isn’t blind, for it is a visionary! Faith believes that the universe is on our side and that the universe knows what it is doing. It is the intellectual awareness of an unfolding force for good, constantly at work in all dimensions and our attempts to direct this force only interferes with it while our willingness to relax into it, allows it to work on our behalf. Without faith, we are trying to control what is not ours to control and fix what is not in our power to fix. Faith must only be a validation of what already is, what will be and what we deserve.

I choose to believe that charity is but a word…for with the giving of one’s self, one’s love and one’s commitment without judgment or ego, our beliefs, our actions and our words will naturally provide abundance to all and the experience of lack will be non-existent. This wonderful quote from Mother Theresa brings clarity to this gift…“Charity to be fruitful must cost us…to love, it is necessary to give: to give it is necessary to be free from selfishness.”

Hope, faith and charity are natural, innate qualities that we all possess…it is just the interpretation which varies from one of us to the other. Becoming aware of any barriers or inhibitions will allow this beautiful trio to flourish amongst us and all humanity.

Hope, Faith and Charity is the nickname of the Three Sisters, the majestic peaks in the Cascades of Central Oregon. A holiday visit in November 2007 inspired me to write this piece as we sequestered ourselves within the warmth of our tiny cabin from the brutal wind and cold outside..

Temperatures during the day were well below freezing and a bone chilling 11 degrees at night. Although outside conditions were somewhat extreme for us (wanna-be Oregonians,) the locals of this tiny community thrived in this weather, driving
around on their studded tires and walking the streets as if it was a warm, balmy day. Just another example that the celebration of life need not know any special destination.

Living on the rugged coast of the Pacific, Michael found the perfect canvas to paint his words. With an un-filtered eye and his beloved twinflame by his side, he makes an attempt to share these brief brush strokes of life, innocence  and wonderment. This personal website is dedicated to one man’s collection of stories, letters and prose inspired by the love for his best friends, enduring life passages, his exploration within and the beauty of our natural wonderlands. Enjoy!

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