How to Increase Energy

How to Increase EnergyThe simple insights, spiritual practices, and skills contained in Primitive Ego Psychology all have the power to help us become self-aware and help us transform our lives.

I know the insights listed below are relatively well understood, but they are often responsible for feelings of unhappiness that can quickly sap the energy we need to be successful in life.

So if you find that your energy is getting low and keeping you from creating the life you want to be living, you might want to review the three insights listed below.

How to Increase Energy

Insight #1 – Despite what many will tell us, life is not hard. It does not have to be a painful struggle. It does not have to be an unhappy, flat, or lifeless experience. Life is only hard on our rigid beliefs, our rigid black-and-white opinions, our expectations, our prejudices, and our assumptions; especially those that in any way attempt to distort reality.

Insight #2 – True happiness is not something to be achieved by hard work; we already possess it!  We are already whole and balanced.  All we have to do is reclaim our authentic true self and remove the false beliefs that fragment our sense of who we are and keep us from experiencing the happiness we have always possessed.

Insight #3 – Happiness comes when we recognize that we only have the power to change ourselves; not others…….that we can only change what we see and accept about our own lives. Happiness is grounded in self-awareness and the courage to change ourselves and the way we think.

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