How to Live the Life of your Dreams

We have two choices in life. We can either live our lives as the person we were in the past, like a Ground Hog Day repetition,  or we can re-define who we are through the personal growth and transformation that comes when we choose to awaken to a more conscious level of self-awareness.

When we allow the primitive ego of our inner-child to unconsciously control the choices we make in our adult life, we are choosing a repetitive Ground Hog Day existence. The primitive ego of our inner-child psyche does not like change. It is frozen in the past. It experiences change as frightening and dangerous because change leads us into the unknown. The unknown makes our inner-child psyche anxious.

Unfortunately all change requires us to have faith and trust that we have the ability to cope with whatever the unknown brings us. Entering the unknown requires the courage to trust ourselves. To have faith in who we are. To know that whatever the unknown future brings, we will be OK.

When the pain and frustration of living a life stuck in the mediocrity and boredom that comes from keeping our life small and playing it safe, there comes a point where most of us are willing to risk the unknown. When that happens, we begin to grow. We begin to create the life we have always dreamed about living. We begin to discover our life purpose. We evolve from the frozen, primitive ego consciousness of our inner-child to a more awakened, transformed and enlightened consciousness.

Discovering our life purpose is one of life’s greatest joys. The passion and energy that comes from living our life purpose is what gives us the courage to embrace our dreams.

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