How to manage change – Insights from the Wilderness #52

Click here to listen to Dick read this NuggetIn case you haven’t been following the news, our day-to-day world and our workplace are undergoing significant change, and the rate of change we are facing is accelerating rapidly.

Because change is the bedrock of reality, there is absolutely no way we can avoid it.

Without the fundamental reality of change embedded in all of creation, creation would end. The universe itself would cease to exist. Life would cease to exist.

How to manage change“We” would cease to exist.

And yet, despite the fact that “change” creates all things, surrounds us, and sustains our very existence, virtually all of the unhappiness that we experience in life is due to our inability, or lack of willingness, to embrace change.

It’s hard to believe, but rich or poor, educated or uneducated, very few of us have the psychological or spiritual skills needed to cope with the changes that life brings to all of us. This is especially true when we include the inevitable social changes that are coming.

One of the most powerful survival skills we possess is our human ability to use denial whenever something comes up that we would rather not deal with or accept. Of course, all we are doing is putting off the inevitable.

More often than not, those things we deny or ignore only come back to us as a larger and more critical issue to deal with down the road….higher taxes, cut backs in social programs and services, global warming, water shortages, food shortages, continued high unemployment, inflation, global energy and commodity shortages, and of course, peak oil.

We all know what’s coming, so let’s focus on three skills we’ll need if we want to cope more effectively with change; regardless of the form it takes.

Skill #1)

Resist the tendency to blame someone or something for creating the change.

Remind yourself that change happens.

The only appropriate response to change is a willingness to take responsibility for our life regardless of the impact that change creates for us. Why? Because only you are responsible for the life you have been creating for yourself, or the life you will choose to create in the future.

In other words, denial won’t help nor will blame. Change happens, learn to accept that reality. Your happiness and success in life will depend on your willingness to take responsibility for the life you choose to create.

Change is like sitting on the edge of a river we call life. The river brings all things into our lives and it takes all things away. When we try to resist what the river is bringing we are “pushing the river”.

“Pushing the river is not a good way to achieve happiness.

If we try to hold onto something that the river is taking away from us, our “grasping” is “fighting the river”.

“Fighting the river” will only create more pain and unhappiness.

Remember…..change happens. Learn to flow with it.

Skill #2)

No financial loss has the ability to destroy your life.

It can significantly inconvenience your life, but it cannot destroy it. Only “you alone” have “that” power.

Regardless of the financial changes that might confront us, life and hope will always have the power to overcome the sadness of financial loss.

No matter how awful the financial loss may feel, the sun will still come up every day, the future will still be out in front of us waiting for us to create it.

Remind yourself that money is only money. If you earned it once, you can earn it again. You still possess the greatest gifts in the universe; your intellect, your spirit, your consciousness, and time. You will still have the ability to look at the stars, to climb mountains, to listen to music, to read a good book, to walk in the rain, to love, and to be loved.

Remember…..change happens. Learn to embrace it.

Skill #3)

Change gives us the opportunity to intentionally simplify our life….to reassess our expectations, our dreams, and our values…to redefine what is truly important.

Change has the power to a) break through our denial and remind us that regardless of how unconsciously we might have been living our life, we can’t always control the future, and b) we don’t have another life stored in a bank safety deposit box somewhere.

We only have the life we are living. When it’s over….it’s over.

Change is the bedrock of all creation. It energizes the Divine Impulse to become that resides in all of us. The only important question we need to ask ourselves is “how will we use the opportunities that come with change to create a better future for ourselves?”

There are some big changes coming in the next few years, but the changes should not be feared. They are bringing some great opportunities for those who are comfortable with change and open to the potential that change brings.

To stop change, we would have to find a way to bring the Universe to an end.

Until that happens, remember…….in “this” universe, change is inevitable…..change happens……learn to take full advantage of the opportunities change can bring into our lives.

We will look at some of the opportunities embedded in the inevitable changes that are coming our way in next week’s Nugget.

Do you have suggestions for how to manage change?. Leave your comment below.

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Dick Rauscher

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