Preparation or Good Luck?

Preparation or Good LuckOpportunity and good luck both require preparation, careful planning, and the courage to take action. Without adequate preparation, planning, and action, we will not be ready to recognize, or embrace the opportunities and “good luck” that we will encounter on our life journey. Good luck is always the reward of careful planning and the courage to take action.

Until we examine and challenge the childhood messages and beliefs that unconsciously limit our ability to roll up our sleeves and create the future we are dreaming about, that future will forever remain a dream that lives just beyond our grasp.

We all have two parts to our basic nature. The part that has big dreams and hungers to bring those wonderful dreams to life. The creative part of us that yearns to “become” all we can become. But there is also a part of each of us that doesn’t like change. A part of us that believes dreams are frightening because they require us to grow and change how we think. Dreams call us to take risks and move beyond the security and safety of the world we have created for ourselves. We call this part of us the unconscious primitive ego of our inner-child. This young part of our ego is frozen in the past and because its primary objective is to keep us safe, our primitive ego actively and aggressively resists change of any kind.


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